20150108-IMG_5484Kennedy lake is the largest lake on Vancouver island. It drains into the ocean at Cannery bay. I can go to the bottom of this spillway at high tide & just see the hatchery at the top of the rapids.
There doesn’t look like there is a great drop here. If one had a jet boat,you’d be able to travel from the ocean up into the fresh water easily!

Lower Kennedy Rapids

It may not look it,but the current from all the water draining from Kennedy lake was very strong! Not a good place to hit a submerged rock and stall the motor! I wouldn’t have any chance to restart and be swept/tangled into the tree bows.
I took the three shots for this small pano and got out there!
I’ve always thought that a Jet boat would be able to get up into Kennedy Lake from the ocean during the Fall to Spring,but not he Summer. The water level is just too low!