I do not know this eagle ,but caught him going after a fish.
The funny thing is that his grip slipped when he hit the fish and that made the fish launch up into the air! Not only did it launch up into the air,but it actually arced over top of the eagle and almost came down onto his head! I’d never in a thousand years be able to get something so bizarre again!

Being Chased

I don’t know if this is Moe or Maggie? The Ravens were nesting over on Morpheus island and chase poor old Moe and his mate away all the time. Eagles will eat their eggs if they get the chance.
However,if their food is steady and plentiful.I see no reason why they would?
After the nesting for the Ravens was over(2 months at most),the Ravens took off and Moe/Maggie resumed their perch trees on Morpheus Island.

Strawberry Island Ferry

I shot this at sunset and found Rod Palm at the window seat of his ferry. This ferry use to work in Vancouver.
Rod put this Ferry up onto the Strawberry island and is using it as accommodation. He has a beautiful spot in Clayoquot Sound.
Rod is also our local whale expert. Jim Darling is also a Cetacean expert,but does not live here year round like Rod.
Whenever I come across a sighting of something interesting,I always send it along to Rod. He keeps records of all the animal sightings.

Lighthouse Sunset

A rain storm was passing in behind and provided a great backdrop. I like the golden light coming from the glass in the top of the Lighthouse!
It’s always dangerous going out here. If my motor were to quit ,I’d be drifting and it was about to get dark. I carry my cell with me and keep it in a waterproof container. So I could call for help,but you never want to be in that position!


This eagle came in at the same moment a boats wake was starting to go by. The small waves were large enough to cause the eagles talons to clip the top of the waves top.
and yes he did get the fish.
My composition is poor in this shot. I cut off his rear. I would of liked his butt to be completely in the shot. I try never to cut off a animals body,but with eagles moving so bloody fast,sometimes my panning is a little off. However,not off enough to throw this shot out!

Romeo’s Sunset

The light in this shot is what I would like to have all the time! Instead ,this light lasted about 15 minutes. Anything shot in this light would be beautiful!
The sun is just on the verge of setting. Only the longest wavelengths can get through the atmosphere. The thickness of the atmosphere filters shorter wavelengths out. It’s the Reds,Oranges that are left standing. These wavelengths are very powerful compared to the others and can punch through our atmosphere near sunset. Remember that when the sun is about to set,the thickness of the atmosphere is much greater than when the sun is directly overhead. This extra air is enough to filter out shorter wavelengths and thus leaving only the long warm wavelengths. Thats why sunsets are red or orange.


I’m not sure whats going on here. The eagle on the left is a full matured female and the eagle on the right is a young male. Maybe 4 yrs old.
I think this eagle is one of it’s offspring from 4 years ago and Mom is telling him to take a hike……..but in a motherly way! I have seen a mother go after last years young violently!
Each eagle has a individual personality and as a result,some are aggressive and some are submissive.They and all animals have different personalty’s, like our cats and dogs do!

Daredevil Grabs a Fish

When I track a eagle it’s just a guessing game on the pan. The closer you get to them,the tougher it is to keep him centered.
In theory you want it to be like a bike wheel. That is with you at the hub and your subject at the rim,with a spoke connecting you both! That way you don’t pan too slow or too fast!
You always do one or the other! Very rarely can you pan and keep him perfectly centered. That is with him full frame. If the eagle is far away and takes up less than 25% of the viewfinder,than it would be very easy to pan. The problem comes when you want to get close.