20150108-IMG_550720150108-IMG_5522I saw three jets flying close to each other today! I knew instantly that they had to be military! I asked a friend what they might be & he suggested they were the KC-135 Stratotankers.
It looked like they were heading to Alaska. These are the planes other planes fuel up from in mid air.
They can carry 200,000 lbs of fuel. Equal to about 8 fuel trucks (2 axel). They at cruise at 530mph & can carry up to 37 passengers. Here is a link that better describes them.


20130711-IMG_920820130711-IMG_9216I must admit that I was very disappointed tonight!
I went up into Gunner Inlet & Fortune Channel & didn’t find one bear! I even stopped in Gunner & had my treat. This not only is something I look forward to each night,but it also buys me time. Many times a bear will come out during my treat time!
I only had half of my treat in Gunner & the other half at the top end of Fortune. Didn’t work tonight! There should of been at least one bear,but once again they must of been having their picnic in the woods somewhere?
Left Fortune & went over to Tsapee Narrows. The light was excellent but the wind was up…….again! Wind is my bane! It not only slows me down but also takes a toll on my body from all the pounding! Not to mention me & my equipment getting wet from the spray!
Said goodnight to both Delilah & the Daredevil.
The sun was getting low,so I thought I had better head over to Deadman Island before I lost the light! Once again,Romeo saw me coming & headed over to greet me! I was busy switching my lens when I noticed that Juliette had joined Romeo on his throne! Actually, she pushed him off of his throne & took his spot!
I’ve noticed that whoever or whatever the animal is,the one that is the biggest is the one that cracks the whip!
This was a rare treat! I circled them & got as many shots as I could! Juliette never does this!
We watched the sunset together! Had a great visit with them both,but that wind made me curse! It darkens the water & semi absorbs the eagles contours. I much rather prefer it when it’s calm (which seems to never happen!).
Said goodnight to them both & headed into the harbour. Spotted acouple of kayaks heading over to Wickaninnish island & followed them for a bit.
Called it a night & came back in.
No bears tonight but I was compensated by having Juliette join Romeo on his throne!

DFO Surveillance Plane

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I got out tonight and went to check on that Dead Elephant Seal. Nothing had been on it!
What might be the trouble is people keep camping next to it! I never checked the Trail camera to see if people were tripping it.
I’ll just be patient.
This plane flew right over me while I was at the beach with the seal on it. Not sure what kind of plane it is,but I do know that it is a DFO (Dept of Fish & Oceans) surveillance plane. These guys have a high tech camera on board that is not only fantastic in it’s reaching ability’s for distance but also very steady! Plus it has night time viewing capacity!
They use it to see if a Cargo Ship dumps it engine bilge at night for instance. This plane helps keep our shores clean!

I than went up to Fortune Channel and saw one bear,but the silly bugger was so skittish that I couldn’t get within a 500 meters!
I came back to Tsappee and shot the Daredevil with the moon behind him. Than onto the Herons in Lemmens inlet and a sailing boat in the setting sun.
Not much to write home about tonight,but one can never tell when or where that next great shot is going to come from?
Always great to be out in the wilds of Tofino!
UPDATE: A friend has informed me that this is a “Beechcraft King Air B200” aircraft.
Thanks Andy

Military Aircraft

I saw this plane and than realized it was Military.
I do not know the name of this aircraft but have asked a friend and will update accordingly.
He must of been coming in for a landing at the Airport because he has the landing gear deployed.
UPDATE:(next day) I found out that this is a Lockheed CP-140 Aurora and it probably was not about to land.
It was built as a Sub Hunter and recon. Submarines are made of iron and iron disrupts the Ines of magnetism. What this plane does is look look for anomalous magnetic signatures where there shouldn’t be one!
It detects the subs with it’s tail section. Thats what that stinger like probe is on the rear of the plane. It’s called a ‘MAD” tail stinger. A Magnetic Anomalous Detector.
Thanks Andy and Ian for the info!