20131029-IMG_027120131029-IMG_0272This fuel truck is coming back from “Mainstreams” fish farms. I bet it was diesel. You can be 100% assured that both tanks had only vapours in them!
They never bring back fuel!

Went down to Tranquil today. Once again It was low tide & that made it hard for me to get into the system!
After half a hour,I managed to get into the lower section & I tied the boat up. I walked in my chest waders upstream with my equipment. There were 4 bears right in my path,but they all scooted when I got too close for comfort! They are so scared of me! (thank God) I carry Bear spray,air horn & a good sharp knife!
I found all the salmon in their usual spot. When It’s low tide they retreat to this one deeper section.
When the tide moves in,they go further upstream. Only dumb (soon to be dead) salmon move upstream at low tide. The bears hang around these shallow spots & when a salmon try’s to make a run over top,they are spotted,grabbed & invited to dinner!
So the smart ones retreat into the deeper sections awaiting the next high tide. Their genes will be passed on while the “Darwin” award volunteers won’t be!
I did about 8 runs with my drift rig today. At one point there were 6 bears surrounding me & I can assure you that they were more afraid of me more than I was of them. They all had very full tummy’s & were feeling very happy! None of them were looking for a fight!
I finished doing my drift runs & began to walk back through the river. Normally I walk along the forest edge,but I saw two bears trying to make out down stream & wanted to get closer!
Got some great shots but the light was poor! The river only gets sunlight for about a hour & a half. Tall trees on either side limits the light.
My frisky friends finished their business & I walked further downstream. I had 4 bears between me & my boat. Once I came out of the river & they saw me,they all ran away!
Got to my boat & headed out of Tranquil. The light had been snuffed by some clouds but as I was heading towards Tsapee Narrows,the light came screaming in through a thin slit! I looked behind me & Tranquil valley was lite up beautifully! I had to do a pano!
Arrived at Tsapee & the sun was just about gone! I knew there was no way I had time to make it to the harbour for sunset with Romeo & Juliette!
So I stayed at Tsapee with the Daredevil. Took a few of my finely feathered friend & carried on for the harbour.
By the time I got there,the light was completely gone,so I didn’t go pay a visit to Romeo & Juliette! I could feel Romeo watching me! I knew he saw me,but with no light,no pictures! Hope he didn’t mind?
Today was a great day! Full of adventure & challenges! The romancing bears were a highlight for me!