20131029-IMG_027120131029-IMG_0272This fuel truck is coming back from “Mainstreams” fish farms. I bet it was diesel. You can be 100% assured that both tanks had only vapours in them!
They never bring back fuel!

Went down to Tranquil today. Once again It was low tide & that made it hard for me to get into the system!
After half a hour,I managed to get into the lower section & I tied the boat up. I walked in my chest waders upstream with my equipment. There were 4 bears right in my path,but they all scooted when I got too close for comfort! They are so scared of me! (thank God) I carry Bear spray,air horn & a good sharp knife!
I found all the salmon in their usual spot. When It’s low tide they retreat to this one deeper section.
When the tide moves in,they go further upstream. Only dumb (soon to be dead) salmon move upstream at low tide. The bears hang around these shallow spots & when a salmon try’s to make a run over top,they are spotted,grabbed & invited to dinner!
So the smart ones retreat into the deeper sections awaiting the next high tide. Their genes will be passed on while the “Darwin” award volunteers won’t be!
I did about 8 runs with my drift rig today. At one point there were 6 bears surrounding me & I can assure you that they were more afraid of me more than I was of them. They all had very full tummy’s & were feeling very happy! None of them were looking for a fight!
I finished doing my drift runs & began to walk back through the river. Normally I walk along the forest edge,but I saw two bears trying to make out down stream & wanted to get closer!
Got some great shots but the light was poor! The river only gets sunlight for about a hour & a half. Tall trees on either side limits the light.
My frisky friends finished their business & I walked further downstream. I had 4 bears between me & my boat. Once I came out of the river & they saw me,they all ran away!
Got to my boat & headed out of Tranquil. The light had been snuffed by some clouds but as I was heading towards Tsapee Narrows,the light came screaming in through a thin slit! I looked behind me & Tranquil valley was lite up beautifully! I had to do a pano!
Arrived at Tsapee & the sun was just about gone! I knew there was no way I had time to make it to the harbour for sunset with Romeo & Juliette!
So I stayed at Tsapee with the Daredevil. Took a few of my finely feathered friend & carried on for the harbour.
By the time I got there,the light was completely gone,so I didn’t go pay a visit to Romeo & Juliette! I could feel Romeo watching me! I knew he saw me,but with no light,no pictures! Hope he didn’t mind?
Today was a great day! Full of adventure & challenges! The romancing bears were a highlight for me!


20131028-IMG_0095I should explain something to you all……….because Tranquil has been taking up a lot of my time,I haven’t had much time to concentrate on getting my usual pictures!
You see,the salmon will all be dead soon so I’m trying to get some underwater video footage of them before they check out! It’s a very time consuming effort,trust me!! It takes a hour just to get there to begin with & than going up stream takes awhile as well. It took about half a hour today! The tide was low,so I thought I’d put the wheels down on my boat & pull it upstream. Works great on flat ground but not on uneven boulder strewn bottoms! I ended up tieing up the boat & walking upstream without the boat! I don’t like doing that because of all the bears out & about but I was bound & determined to get to the “sweet spot”where the salmon were all bunched together in the “fresh” water! The visibility of the fresh is far far superior than the salt water!
I made it to the spot & promptly realized that there were at least 6 bears all around me! I knew they were more afraid of me & also had very full belly’s! Critical info to have if your going to go dancing with the bears!
The salmon were all bunched together,so I waded upstream of them & released my drift rig. Because I didn’t have my boat with me I knew there was a chance that my drift rig could drift to the other shore of the stream & that would not be a very good thing folks! Yes I did have my chestwaders but that stream was about 15 feet deep at that spot & very very cold! So I went & cut down a very long “green” limb with my trusty Leatherman ( which every person should have btw) Just in case it was heading away from me? Turns out I was worried for no reason. It drifted right through the school & I picked it up downstream perfectly! I managed to get in 5 runs today!
I was keeping a eye on all the bears too! I put my main camera down on the ground & walked upstream with my drift rig. No point in carrying it with me when I was going to be wading deeply into the stream I thought?
That’s about the time I saw a bear swimming across the stream & it was heading right for the spot where I had put my camera down!! I ran down the bank as fast as I could!
The poor bear was in mid-stream when It saw me running towards it & promptly turned around very quickly & went back to the other stream bank!! I scared the poor thing!
I thought it was better scaring him than having him running off into the woods with my camera! We don’t need a Paparazzi bear!
One always has been very very watchful when out in the wilds folks!
I realized the time was getting late & I had better start heading back. I knew it was going to take me awhile to hike back along the stream bank to my boat & than pull the boat downstream! It was still too shallow when I got there,so I had to pull the boat a good distance downstream before I got enough depth to put the wheels down & start the motor up!
I exited Tranquil & breathed a sigh of relief. It was a lot of work today to get to the salmon sweet spot! Worth every second for the sheer adventure! You all would of been amazed at what I did today!
Started heading back. Stopped at Tsapee but no one was home,so I continued on.The sun was going to be set by the time I got into the harbour! (as per normal)
I went over to Deadman to visit with Romeo & Juliette. As soon as I came around from the backside of Beck island,Romeo saw me(500 meters away!) & flew over to greet me! When he does this I have such a big smile on my face!! I wave to him as he glides in closer to me & yell “how are you tonight Romeo”?
He flew to his throne & I got a few of him as he perched. Took a few shots of them with a very beautiful sky! Had to head back,so I said goodnight to them both. Saw the sky turning pink & went out towards the Lighthouse to look for any fishing boats coming,but found nobody?
Settled for a tree as a subject & took the last shots of the night.
Fantastic day today folks & you can bet I’ll sleep soundly tonight!


20131028-IMG_0124This is the bear that was swimming across the stream towards my camera I had set down on the bank. I set it there because my hands were not only full but I was wading into deep water & didn’t want to get it wet!
When I saw this bear swimming right for that spot,I ran down the bank very quickly which scared the poor thing! It turned around in mid-stream & returned from where it came.
I suppose it was looking at me as a animal which might hurt it?


20131027-IMG_995620131027-IMG_9961The sky’s were clear today,so I took off down to Tranquil. The wind threatened to keep me ashore,but I knew if I got out past the harbour it wouldn’t be a problem down the inlet.
I noticed when I arrived that there were hundreds of new recruits at the mouth of the stream! They just keep arriving! The spawn doesn’t show any sign of slowing down & the bears seem to be very happy as a result!
That Plankton bloom is still happening down there & it’s making the underwater vis poor! I’ll try moving further upstream where the water is more fresh than salt but that means walking upstream. The tide is low enough that I cannot use the motor,so I have to pull it with me.
Each time I go down there,I have to be strategic with my planning! Lots of bears hanging around too but the light in there is poor! I have to boost my ISO up to 2000! Hate doing that but better than nothing!
One bear watched me doing my thing while sitting contently on a down tree. They are so full of salmon! They feel the same way you did after your big Thanksgiving dinner! Very happy Boo Boo’s!
Spent the better part of 2 hours down in Tranquil. It was very relaxing! I’d put my drift rig in & than just watch it as it gently floated downstream. I than watched eagles flying here & there,Ravens calling to each other through the pristine forest! There is always something going on,I just need to slow myself down & become aware!
I than became aware that I better get going or I’d miss the sunset! So I headed out.
Got to Tsapee Narrows & decided I better do some eagle shots there because the sun was about to set & there was no way I’d have time to get into the harbour before it was gone! The Daredevil was back! I was so glad to see my friend back! Delilah is ok but a bit standoffish.
He always puts on a great show! Said goodnight to them both & headed over to Deadman Island to visit with Romeo & Juliette.
As soon as I came around the corner of Beck Island,I could see that Romeo saw me instantly! He flew straight over to me. Eagles really do have amazing eyesight! I can never sneak up on him!
The sun had already set but there was some nice afterglow. Silhouette’s all around tonight!
Said goodnight to Romeo & called it a night.
Another great adventure put to bed!


20131024-IMG_975620131024-IMG_9765I got out much later than what I would of preferred! Had to work.
Having said that,I did get out & went up into Fortune Channel looking for bears. Tranquil was out of the question today because of me leaving so late! I also knew that finding a bear would be tough! It was high tide! When the tide is high,the bears cannot get at the rocks!Tiny Rock Crabs are hiding under them!
I haven’t been up in Fortune for awhile actually. I’ve been busy going down to Tranquil. Tomorrow,I’ll do Tranquil.
As expected……….no Bo Bo’s tonight! Headed back to Tofino. I stopped off at Tsapee to visit with the Daredevil & Delilah. Delilah was around but the Daredevil wasn’t! I haven’t seen him in awhile & am getting worried. It’s not like him? Maybe tomorrow?
Said goodnight to Delilah,she wasn’t in the mood to party!
Went over to Morpheus Island to visit with Moe & Maggie. Maggie was home,but Moe was absent!
I’m beginning to wonder if the boys were all out on the town! Maggie has always had a smile for me,unlike Delilah. She’s a bit distant!
Took some great shots of Maggie coming in with Meares island as a beautiful backdrop! Said goodnight to her & went on to visit with Romeo & Juliette.
I was very happy to see both Romeo & Juliette flying over to greet me!! Having Romeo greet me is always fantastic but having them both fly over to greet me is just pure magic!
Spent some quality sunset time with my buddy Romeo! He really is the KING of eagles. Nobody messes with Romeo!

I did get out later than normal & found no bears,but it’s always an adventure getting out in the wilds of Tofino folks!


20131023-IMG_959920131023-IMG_9601I went straight to Tranquil creek today. It was high tide,so I wasn’t worried about getting in there.It’s shallow in there at low tide,as in no water anywhere!
There has been a plankton bloom happening in Tranquil Inlet the last few days! I recognized it immediately! Fish instinctively stay away from these things. Plankton blooms are deadly to them!
So I wasn’t surprised to not find the school of salmon I have been studying in their favorite spot close to the entrance of the creek to the ocean had moved further upstream!
I knew that they would migrate further upstream away from it! I also saw jellyfish up in the stream! I found that strange,but hey,what do I know about Jelly’s?
The bears were out & about as per normal.
I saw a good sized school of Chum salmon & deployed my drift rig upstream of them. Because we haven’t had any rains in a week or so,there isn’t a strong current right now. So the drift rig drifts rather slowly. I anchor myself & watch it as it gently drifted towards them. I found I can herd the salmon to one side or another by sticking my paddle in the water! This turns them & makes them go to the other side. I’m kind of like a salmon herder actually!
I think I got 4 runs in today & some excellent footage! The unfortunate thing about doing the video up in this spot is the light! There are too many trees around & the light rarely gets in there! I just have to roll with what I get I guess?
Got out of my boat (with my bear spray) & walked up the rocky shoreline to get some shots of a bear. I was hoping it would find a salmon & grab it,but alas this bear wasn’t very good at grabbing them. More splash & crash than grab & munch!
Noticed the sun had gone behind the ridge to the west & decided I better head back.
Stopped at Rankin Rocks to take a few shots of the migratory birds passing through. Thats when I noticed that the fog was starting to fill the inlet a few miles west! I knew instantly that the days shoot was over when I saw it there! If the fog is there,than it’s covered the entire harbour & sure enough ………..it had! Crap! I hate when the fog does that! It’s sunny where I am down the inlet, but head towards town & the light gets snuffed soon enough! Also cold!
I went to Deadman to visit with Romeo & Juliette. Romeo met me there but Juliette wasn’t around. Romeo doesn’t care about the fog! We talked for a few moments,took a few shots & thanked him. Said goodnight & that was all she wrote for me today
The fog really dampened my day today but I still got something worthwhile!