BUSY Harbour!

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I got out today and the first thing I came across was Tofino Air’s Beaver landing. I saw another Tofino plane down further in the harbour with Atleo’s plane as well. It looked like they were stacked to take off!
Atleo was just taking off when the Beaver crossed my path and the 2nd smaller Cessna took off towards me!
The comings and goings of Tofino’s harbour.
I went up to Fortune Channel for bears. I figured with the low tide starting to slip past sunset that this trip would be the last for a week or so until the other low tide starts to slip into my time window. I always go out 2 hours before sunset and whatever happens in that time window is what I harvest!
The eagles are very low key right now, their young have flown the coup. The Daredevil and Delilah were both gone. I have no idea where they and the others go for several weeks? It’s almost like Mum and Dad say to themselves “Well,now that youngster is gone,lets have a vacation honey”! and off they go!
I cam across a fishing boat (The Prince Of Denmark) coming in out in front of Tonquin. I saw the Crescent moon hanging in the sky and lined them both up. Wickaninnish island absorbed alot of the boats structure however. Couldn’t do anything about that. It would of been much better to capture it out by the Lighthouse where there is nothing to the west of it! But thems the brakes!
Another great night out Folks!
It’s great living in Tofino!