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BUSY Harbour!

Dug Out Canoe


Diamond’s Paw

Fortune Channel Bear Pano’s

Diamond’s Close Up

Harbour Seals

Checking Me Out!

Odd Tree

Heading Back In

Sunset Boat Ride

Romeo’s Sunset

2nd Strike

Whale Watching Boat At Sunset

“Prince Of Denmark” Coming In

“Prince Of Denmark”

Crescent Moon At Sunset

Pay and Paddle

The “Moon Dragon”

Meares Paddle

Fortune Channel Pano

Fortune Channel Fish Farm

Large Female Bear

Bath Day

Bear and Crows

Harbour Porpoise

Bear Profile

Harbour Seal


Juliette on the Mudflats

Heron(s) At Sunset

“The Welsh Dragon”


The Daredevil Perching


Blue Heron Hunting

Osprey Hunting

Take Off Eh!

Blue Heron Hunting

Blue Heron With Small Fish


My Boat

Afterglow Blue Heron

Fortune Channel Bear

Big Red

Sow and Two Cubs

Following Mum

Cruising…..aka” Following the Leader”

Cub Checking Ahead

Sow and Her Cubs