Eik St. Rainbow

A small rain shower came through and made this Rainbow over top of the Eik St. tree. It’s a very large Red Cedar.
This tree was saved from being cut down.A well known land developer(CL) tried to cut it down.Two local lads camped up into the tree to stop them from cutting it down. He cut down the Millennium tree across the road and it was bigger! This tree is over 1000 years old and probably will out last everyone that is alive today!

Sailing Boat and Lennard Island Lighthouse

I couldn’t read the name of this sailing vessel. It’s all metal and the name begins with “P”. Thats all I know.
I waited for it to cross in front of the Lighthouse.
Post Note: I saw this boat the next day and the name was “Pangaea”.As a X geologist I recognize this term. Pangaea comes from the “Plate Tectonics”theory.(which is considered fact now.) The earth use to have all land masses as one at one point.(250 million years ago) All the land use to be just one super continent! Think of it as if it was made of taffy. You take it and smack it on the table and it would break apart into smaller pieces, and than start drifting apart! This basically describes how our land masses use to be ,is and will continue to be.

Lighthouse and Bikes

These two guys were out on their bikes and I waited for them to come into the scene.
After shooting these I decided to head back in to town. The light kept getting better and better. I didn’t plan it,but I decided on the way back into town to go out in the boat! The light was getting better and better. The clouds were clearing and I could have 1 1/2 hrs out shooting.However it was much later. I normally am out on the water at 7pm. It was 8pm tonight.
Not only did I go out and get some great eagle shots ,but I decided to head out to the Lighthouse for sunset. I’m glad I did! I got some good shots of the Lighthouse at sunset as well!

Talon Shot (Cc)

I love it when I get one of these shots.
This is a great pose in even greater light, which really shows off their powerful form so well. It happens so fast ,that it’s just a blur to my eye.
I have a habit of using my digital camera like a film camera! What I mean by that is that I don’t check my screen to see what I got. I figure with eagles ,that if I got it,I got it and if I didn’t,I didn’t. So why bother checking?
Notice how the talons form the letter “C”. The head to his talons in it’s self also forms the letter “C” as well ! Small “c” and a capital “C”.
Just an observation.

Lighthouse Sunset Transition Sequence

I went out to the Lighthouse and waited for the sun to come out. I had seen this thin clearing between the clouds and new that the Sun was going to cross it.
Following are 6 shots showing the transition of the sun across this clearing and the affect the light has.
Watch how the changing light makes the same subject look so different!
The sun came through finally and it was glorious out there. The swell and waves were keeping me busy trying to keep the lens trained onto the Lighthouse. It wasn’t easy by any means.


I got suckered tonight.
The afternoon’s light was great and the Satellite/radar site looked good as well.
But by the time I got out,the clouds started to move in and I lost the light within minutes! I was very disappointed and decided to just motor around ,looking here and there. Hoping that something would happen!!
I went up to Monas Island and the two eagles were there. This is one of them,the male I believe.

Miss Danielle

The Miss Danielle was heading out and I got these God rays in the background behind her.
To get God rays you basically need clouds that are very close together. Small holes in between the clouds allow sunlight to get through and than you need the projection screen.
Which is moisture! You need high humidity,or alot of dust suspension. This beams will come through and the projection screen of moisture lights up!

Oystercatcher and Lennard Island Lighthouse

I was out at Chesterman’s and came across this Oystercatcher. I found just the right spot to line up both the catcher and lighthouse together.
I’m always mindful of my background. It’s probably just as important as the subject.
Without either,you have much less .

Lighthouse and Crabbing Boat

I was out at Chestermans beach today and acouple of boats went by.
This one is a crabbing boat and was heading back into harbour.
Happy Summer Solstice!
We are getting lots of day light ,but poor quality light to say the least and thats the way it’s going to stay for awhile too by the looks of the Sat/Radar site!

Morpheus Island Cemetery

I went out today with a friend to Meares Island and Morpheus Island ,cemetery.
This is a shot of the clearing where the cemetery is on Morpheus. The undergrowth was too thick to see the tombstones.
There are 44 people buried there. They stopped burying people there when they had a “unfortunate” accident.
It went like this.
A fishermen had died and they took him over to Morpheus island on top of paddles that had been placed across the top of the gunnels of the boat. This made the center of gravity too high and when they hit the swirling water near the island( a well known and tricky spot because of the strong tides),the boat overturned and the coffin was lost in the water. The body even fell out and they had to drag for the body.
That was the last burial on the island. They all decided that they had better get a cemetery on the main land for safety’s sake!
Fred Tibbs is also buried there as well. A well known local who died himself at a early age of 35 years old on July 5th,1921. I took this shot from his grave side.
I talk about him in my blog.
Look under cemetery.