Taking Off

They were taking off in the harbour and I shot a few.
Following , are a series of shots I have taken through the years of Atleo Air.
It pains me to show them ,but I hope by doing so ,honor the souls lost to all of us!

Note:the dates are not true.(except the barge shots) I can keep them all together this way.

Atleo Air Floatplane

I shot this last December (2nd) in the cold early morning light. They were heading out.
(the posted date is not the true date)
This is the time that they flew in front of the moon. That shot is above. (“Atleo Air and the Full Moon”)The warm light adds to both shots.
I was out to shoot the full moon setting in the early morning light over the harbour. I always wait for subjects to enter into my set scene and Atleo came along at the right moment.I did a series of shots and the final shot was of the plane with the full moon setting in front of them.
I would like to end the story on that note, because that is the way I want to remember it….

Sad Sunset

Today was a very sad day for Tofino.
A local Float plane went down and 4 people died.
The pilot(from Tofino) and three passengers from Ahousaht. The accident happened today around noon near the village of Ahousaht. Yates point to be exact,just south of the village.The plane sank in about 45 feet of water
This shot shows the sun setting over Tofino’s Harbour .
There should be two Float Planes tied up in the foreground.
A very sad day for many!