Large Sitka Spruce

In shots like these,I always like to have a person in the shot for perspective. I was by myself and with me being too shy in front of a camera,I decided to shoot it by it’s self.
This is the largest Sitka I have ever seen. Sitka like the front of a forests edge. They can tolerate high salt levels.
They are also used as the finest sound board for musical instruments.

Earth Mother Goes Over

Earth Mother was the largest tree in Clayoquot Sound,until a large wind storm from the north came in. The storm lasted all day.
I had gone up there to trim the trail with a machete. I came across Earth Mother and was very shocked to see her down !!
I was the first to find her down and felt like crying. These events however Have,ARE and Will continue to happen and are very natural. Still a shame to see something so beautiful fall.
Earth Mother was a western red Cedar and was over 10,000 cubic feet. To compare to the world’s largest tree,the General Sherman. Which is a Sequoia. The General is over 5 1/2 times bigger. It is more than 55,000 cubic feet.
These trees can continue to live for many years. Not all of it’s roots are torn out. About 1/4 of the root ball is still in the ground and still bringing life to it.