Both the Daredevil & Romeo were gone tonight.They must both be at the salmon grounds.My girlfriend was home however! Maggie saved my butt tonight.I haven’t been skunked yet with my eagle friends.Theres always one home.



20140709-IMG_0341The high tide is still hanging around,so I knew I wouldn’t be seeing too many bears. I headed out to Fortune Channel to see if I could get lucky?
I found a bear in 2nd bay right away & than I saw a second near by but it was in the shade. The bear in 2nd bay is the same one I’ve spotted there several times. He’s getting over a bout with mange so he looks rather scruffy. I was thinking about calling him”Scruffy” but because he scampered off & scampered up a tree when he was chased,I’m going to call this guy “Scamp”!
“Scamp” & I spent about half a hour together. He went in behind some tall grass unfortunately! Trying to get the focus becomes troublesome with even a few strands of grass in front! I was forced to go onto land & try to find angles to shoot without that grass blocking my view? Very very tricky! Walking around makes noise & that noise was disturbing “Scamp” a bit but he seemed to take it in stride.
I’ve found that as long as I’m not moving when the bear looks at me,it’ll stay calm & not walk away into the forest.
That grass was still giving me trouble still, so I decided to leave Scamp alone & go look elsewhere. Went all the way along Fortune’s eastern shore & couldn’t find a single bruin anywhere! The sun was beginning to get low so I started to head back.
Stopped off at Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil & Delilah. Both of them came over to say hi. At one point both of them almost hit each other while going for the same fish!
It was very calm out,so I could feel the wind blast as they went ripping by me!
I know all their perch trees & thought I might be able to get them to pose for me with the moon in behind? Sure enough,both of them came over & obliged!
Had to say goodnight because the sun was getting low. Took off for the harbour. By the time I made it to Deadman island,the sun had already gone behind the low hills to the west! That happens more times than I’d like to admit! Timing near sunset is critical & with the great distances I cover,missing my mark is easy!
I was also late because I saw Ernie perched on top of a crane. I couldn’t resist going over & getting him with the moon in behind!. Lining up the moon & eagle is easy enough but trying to stay inside that “sweet spot” with the tide moving you constantly, proves to be easier said than done! A tricky affair!
Got a few moon shots & went over to Deadman island to visit with both Romeo & Juliette. As I mentioned the sun was just disappearing as I arrived! I was forced to get only silhouette’s. The afterglow was pretty good for 15 minutes & made a nice background.
Said goodnight to both Romeo & Juliette & called it a night.
The moon tonight was almost perfect! Tomorrow night might be the last night I’ll be able to take advantage of it? The moon is usually at it’s best for photographing 2 or 3 days before the full moon. If you wait to take pictures of the full moon,(with eagles) the sun has already set by the time the moon comes up,thus making everything too dark. Silhouette’s only by that time!


20130725-IMG_186220130725-IMG_186020130725-IMG_1858On my way out,I noticed this boat in the shallows near Ginnard pt. I remember thinking to myself that I wouldn’t be over there at that moment with the tide going out!
On my way back in I noticed the boat had gone high & dry! To make matters worse,the captain had left the motor leg down! This must of placed a lot of stress upon the motor’s mount! If you run aground,lift your motor folks!
I’ve never seen this boat before,so I can only assume that this person is not from here & did not know the waters but to be honest……….not seeing your in the shallows is pretty hard to do!


I went to visit a old friend today. I didn’t plan for it to happen on Earth Day,but it did! Cosmic serendipity!
The trail going up to her had several freshly downed trees blocking the pathway! No doubt from last winters wind storms. We had a few good ones,but than we always do!
It was sad to see her laying there so broken! This tree was the largest tree in Clayoquot Sound! It is the 6th largest Western Red Cedar (known) in the world!
It was measured by Robert Van Pelt (Forest Giants of the Pacific Coast,page 31) to be 10,320 cubic feet in volume!
To give you some perspective,he measured the “General Sherman” (California) at 55,040 cubic feet! The largest known tree on the earth! Roughly 5 & 1/2 times larger than Earth Mother!
Earth Mother was most certainly older than a thousand years! Only she really knows her true age & thats probably the best way for it to be!
I shot the nude 5 months before she came down!
This tree was always a inspiration to me personally!
Not many people know where she lays & that’s just fine with me!


This is the spot where the locals stood together against the logging companys!(88)
It was in a Bay called “Heelboom” on the SE side of Meares. It was because of these brave souls that Meares was not raped! It is front & center with Tofino’s vista!
Meares is now a “Tribal Park” & there will be no more logging or mining happening on this jewel!
This structure was built for occupation by the protesters & stands as a reminder of what could of happened!


I went up Lemmings to visit with the Monas Island gang. I do not visit these guys very much but they sure recognized me! I went around the corner out of sight & one followed me!
You can see the top of Lone Cone in behind. If you were to hike up Lone Cone,you would come out on top at this spot.