I saw Lea in the meadow near a isolated single pine tree. I tried to use the tree as cover to sneak up on her. Unfortunatly I was upwind from her,so she caught either my scent or sound & galloped off to the back of the meadow.She than just stood there wondering what was I trying to do? After a minute of pondering she ran off into the forest.

After they awake in the Spring,It’s like they forget? After a few more encounters, she’ll become familiar with me again.



The only time I can get great reflective beach shots is during winter. As you know,we get a lot of rain during the winter. Sometimes we get a break in between these storm systems & the sun shines. It has to be low tide as well near sunset. All that rain drains from the land to the beach.With it being low tide,there are these large flat areas.The water coats these areas & makes a fantastic reflective surface!

Having some cool clouds always helps as well!