My furry friends are beginning to wake up! This is a female bear I called “Diamond”. She has a diamond shaped white patch on her chest.She’s always been a very relaxed bear.








This was originally shot on June 23rd,2013.
A small pod of Orca’s came into Tofino inlet looking for a snack.
Whenever a pod comes into a area,they make their presence known by announcing themselves.They make certain sounds that are very recognizable to all listening! Everyone in the neighbourhood knows exactly who they are & what they want! So everyone swims away & hides.Usually in beds of seaweed.
Once the pod announces themselves,they fall silent.They move into each bay checking the seaweed beds for hiding prey.Once supper is found,it’ll try to make a run for it.Sometimes they get away……..& sometimes they do not.
This video shows the pod catching & killing a harbour seal in Rankin cove. Watch for a few of the blows to turn from white to a weak red colour!
After making the kill,the large male decides to come over to me for a visit.
He catches me off guard.I had my large lens on & needed my smaller one.You can hear me cursing when I realized that.

I think I know why he came over to check me out btw.I wear a pair of large headphones.I like listening to my music.I took it off & placed it on the hard floor of my boat.I left the music playing.I suspect he heard the music playing & came over to find out what it was?
When he surfaced directly in front of me,he slowly rolled over onto his left side & glided slowly under my boat.I’ll always remember that large questioning eye looking up at me!
The video is 33 minutes long.I wear the Go Pro on my head so that my hands are free.

I apologize for not editing the video to make it shorter.This is the raw footage.
I would suggest going ahead to the 23 minute mark.Thats when we arrived in Rankin cove & the fun begins.



During nesting season the offspring from previous years seem to come back to visit their Ma & Pa.I’m not really sure “why”,but find it interesting. Maybe to see If their parents are still around?If they are not,they may inherit the family territory?

To tell the age of Immatures like this,I always look at the tail feathers. More white means it’s older.This one hardly has any white at all.Which means it was born last year.By the time they reach 5 years old,this tail feathers will be almost all white. A eagle has 7000 feathers but only 12 will be the white tail feathers.

To find a white tail feather will grant you a dream journey.

Maggie was not very happy that their offspring was flying about.She was protesting loudly! If this eagle wasn’t one of their own,she would of taken to the air to push it out of her territory!