Bear at Sunset

I like this shot because of the background. The Heron standing in the water diverts the attention nicely.
I saw the bear coming and waited for him to cross the spot I had picked out. I call this technique the “Spider and Fly”. I see a great background and wait for a primary subject to enter into the scene.

Immature Heron in Flight

This is that Heron I kept running into down at Thornton Creek. I got some good shots because he/she was young and not too suave about staying away from other animals! Lucky me!
The conditions where such that I had to boost the ISO and assume that he was going to jump and that I had better raise my shutter speed. I don’t like blurry subjects,but even than ,sometimes the mistakes can have merit just because of the Abstract quality!

Sailing Boat and Heron

When I saw this sailing boat coming up the channel,I knew that the white reflection of the sails would bring up the contrast between the Heron and the dark water.
I only got two shots at first and than ran quickly to the right and set up again to get more. I was able to do this several times until I finally spooked the Heron and he took off.