Moe on a Fly By

The light combined with the background saves this shot from being just another eagle shot.
Many times a shot works because of the entire scene .

Sunset Snack

The tail feathers of a eagle are used not only as a means of steering,but also as a means of Skimming across the water! Many times they sit back on their Tail feathers as they skim along the surface of the water.
Basically they stop them from going in.


Many times eagles will swoop down on their prey and if they miss (and they do that alot) they will like a pendulum come up to the top of their arc and then turn. Thats what this guy is doing. He’s at the top of his arc and is about to turn to go back and hit his prey a second time. It’s also the best time to get a good shot of them. They are not moving that fast!