I tried for years to get a shot like this! I wanted to get a good profile that was well lite. In the suns warm light ,it just made it that much better!
At this point ,he is moving very fast and I’m doing all I can to hang on. Your Panning abilitys are certainly tested with these guys!


Many times eagles will swoop down on their prey and if they miss (and they do that alot) they will like a pendulum come up to the top of their arc and then turn. Thats what this guy is doing. He’s at the top of his arc and is about to turn to go back and hit his prey a second time. It’s also the best time to get a good shot of them. They are not moving that fast!

Moon Eagle

I am always watching & mindful of the moon’s cycles. It makes excellent Wallpaper for the background of ANYTHING ! It’ll always work. Unfortunately,you have a very small window of opportunity in regards to time to shoot it. Thats if there are no clouds obscuring it when it’s just right to shoot.
When the moon rises it is always faint. As it continues rising it’s brightness will keep increasing until it’s very bright in the midnight sky. Their is a small window of time when the moon has a perfect exposure on it’s way from faintness to overly bright.
I am always mindful of this & take advantage of it.
I do not know this eagle,( I think it is Romeo,but he was not in his territory)but after acouple of minutes of watching he jumped and I got this shot.

Moon Eagle (Romeo ?)

I believe this is Romeo,but he was not in his normal territory. They kind of look the same & one of the ways I know who is who,is where I see them.
They will be perched minding their business & will all of a sudden take off for no apparent reason. I know when they do this that they see another eagle & they’ve gone to put the boots to him ,or kindly see them to the door ( the edge of their recognized territory)as it were.
As you already know eagles have very sharp Talons & the only thing sharper are their eyes!

Strathcona & Eagle from Morpheous Island

This is “Moe” & normally I do not do an ass shot,but the wallpaper was great.
An “Ass” shot ,is when the ass is closer to the camera than the eye’s of the animal. In other words,almost always when the animal is heading away from you. I always try to get the eye’s.
I like to be close enough to see that “catch light” in the eye’s. That little shine we all see in each others eye’s.
I will never be able to get that with a eagle. Maybe a penned eagle,but not a wild eagle.