John & Jane Grice

Jane was born 6 days after John and died 3 days after him! Which would make her 3 days younger than John when she died!
They also were born in the same town & I assume died in the same place as well?

They died during the “Great Depression” as well. The medical report listed their deaths as being “cardiac failure”. John died of “Enteritis” & Jane of “Bronchitis”.

I’ve noticed that people who are together for a long time,usually die soon after their mate.
There’s something to be said about that!

Donald Mackenzie

This fellow died at the early age of 26! He died in 1942. I didn’t see any Military markings,so I don’t think he died because of the war?
Update – April 1st,2013
A relative of Mr.Mackenzie’s told me this about him…….”He would have been my great uncle. He was working at a logging camp in Chamis Bay, near Zeballos running his tugboat. He was working alone and his arm got caught in the winch. By the time he was able to stop it, it mangled his arm and shoulder. The nearest doctor was in Esperanza, at least 4 hrs away. Storms prevented him from getting out and gangrene set in. He died in Esperanza October 19, 1942.. His Father, Also Donald MacKenzie moved to Tofino in 1925 and settled the land now known as MacKenzie Beach.” (Ryan Mackenzie April 1st,2013)

Kimoto & Komatsu

I’m not sure what is going on here?
On the far left is what I believe to be the Mother? Kamejiro. (I’m not sure of the spelling?) She lived to be 51 years old.
It looks like she had a son when she was 43. Yoshio M. He appears to of died 3 years later! She would of been 45 than and it must of been hard on her!
On the right is someone named Kijiro. I do not know if this is a male or female? I’m not familiar with Japanese names? Sorry.
If this is the father,he was a younger father. She would of been 43 and he 24 when they had little Yoshio in 1925.

Notice the porcelain flowers under the glass dome. The dome is protected by a iron cage. It stops falling tree debris during wind storms.

Update:         “Hello, Kamejiro Kimoto is my maternal grand-father (on the far left). His wife was Tama Kimoto (nee Yanai) and her gravesite is in Toronto at the Mount Pleasant Cemetary. Kamejiro passed away at the age of 51. His son Yoshio M. (Major) was his youngest son out of ten children (four daughters: Frances (Omori), Mary (my mom) (Madokoro), Patricia (Kobayashi), Margaret (Sora) and six sons: Harold, Robert (Bobby), Tom, Jack, George, Major). Little “Major” accidentally drowned and that must have been so sad and difficult for my grandparents and my mom and her siblings. The Kimoto family has lived on the West Coast (Tofino and Ucluelet) since the 1920’s (except for the 1942 evacuation and internment of Japanese Canadians and their lives prior to returning to the coast in the 1950’s).”

I have no knowledge about the person with the surname of “Komatsu”.

Marlene Madokoro Mortensen   (March 1st,2016)

Sakauye Jinmatsu

This person was born in 1881 and died in 1938.I say person because I do not know if this was a male or female?
I find it odd that their was no month for birth or death? I assume that the people who buried this person did not know him or her very well?
Someone who knows Japanese may be able to read the wooden tombstone?
The Japanese settled here in Tofino but were rounded up after Pearl Harbour and held in detention camps.
After the war,the Japanese did not or could not settle back into Tofino.

Update:July 23rd,2015 – Just found out from a relative (Chris Sakauye) that this person was a male. Sakauye Jinmatsu was his Great Grandfather.

Update: July 29th,2015 -I’m Chris’s uncle and I’ll leave a little more background on Jinmatsu. He was buried on Morpheus island and his grave marker was joined by the more modern one in the late 90’s by his surviving children at the time. The Sakauye family, during the early part of the century (up to 1942) lived on the Eik property and the Eik cedar was well remembered by all.

Mr. Jacob Hendrik Arnet & Mrs. Johanna Nes Arnet

Because it was raining/sleeting today,the light was extremely bad! On days like this I always upload a shot from the old cemetery for filler.

Jacob died at the age of 71 on July 24th,1941 & his wife, Johanna joined him 7 months later.
These two have the best tombstones in the cemetery!
I know one of their Grand Children. Roland Arnet.(Roly) He has a Oyster farm up in Lemmins Inlet.


On rainy days like today……..I will be posting some shots from the old cemetery.

The old cemetery is on Morpheus Island. I believe there are 44 souls buried there. I haven’t been to many old Cemetery’s ,but this one is by far the most beautiful I have ever seen! It would take alot to beat this place!
I couldn’t think of a better spot to spend eternity!

The only writing on this tombstone was “Gilbert”! No surname or date! Not sure why that is?
Even the name has faded so much, that I can hardly read it anymore.
There is however another cedar tombstone that had crumbled into the earth right in front. I can only assume that it was his wife?
This is the very first tombstone you see when going up the forest path and I might add that if it were not for a large tree falling and blocking the original pathway,Gilbert would not be the first in line to greet you!
A big windstorm a few years ago blew down a large tree across the pathway and people started going around and slowly made a new path!

I kind of think of Gilbert as the Sentinel of the Cemetery. He watches the entrance way.