Browning Pass Sunrise

This sunrise is looking down Browning Pass.
This shot has true colour & was amazing to watch!
I have many sunsets,but sunrises are uncommon. Normally we are all still sleeping when a sunrise happens,but a sunset happens when we are all awake. So I have many sunsets & few sunrises.
This is one.

The “Coast Harvester II” Coming In at Sunset

Clouds to me ,can really enhance a shot.
These Cirrus were coming in at a high altitude. They provide a nice addition & make the shot. I had to run behind & parallel to the boat & place him so that the boat had open ocean behind him. That way,none of the blackness of the islands infer with the subjects shape & it is more clearly seen in it’s structure.

Cape Ann Moored in Tofino

When you get great clouds like this,you need a primary subject…… the Coast Guard.
I remember looking around for any kayaker’s and couldn’t find any. I used the Coast Guard Cutter”Cape Anne”,however,I was on the wrong side of the light. Couldn’t do anything about it. Sometimes you just can’t get what you want with a subject.