Browning Pass Sunrise

This sunrise is looking down Browning Pass.
This shot has true colour & was amazing to watch!
I have many sunsets,but sunrises are uncommon. Normally we are all still sleeping when a sunrise happens,but a sunset happens when we are all awake. So I have many sunsets & few sunrises.
This is one.

The “Coast Harvester II” Coming In at Sunset

Clouds to me ,can really enhance a shot.
These Cirrus were coming in at a high altitude. They provide a nice addition & make the shot. I had to run behind & parallel to the boat & place him so that the boat had open ocean behind him. That way,none of the blackness of the islands infer with the subjects shape & it is more clearly seen in it’s structure.

Cape Ann Moored in Tofino

When you get great clouds like this,you need a primary subject…… the Coast Guard.
I remember looking around for any kayaker’s and couldn’t find any. I used the Coast Guard Cutter”Cape Anne”,however,I was on the wrong side of the light. Couldn’t do anything about it. Sometimes you just can’t get what you want with a subject.

Moe Snagging Supper

This is an excellent example of that” Vampire” pose I’ve talked about.
This is “Moe” grabbing a fish with Lemmens Inlet/Strathcona in the background. I always am on the watch for still water( a rarity) because of the reflection.
I’ve always wanted to get a shot of an eagle grabbing a fish at sunrise on a fresh water lake. The water would be like glass & the double image would be spectacular.

Outstanding (Flying) In Their Field!

These two are part of the Monas Island group. Normally eagles do not tolerate each others presence,but these guys seem to have relatives living in the area & they allow them to perch in their territory. I can only assume that they must be some of their young from years ago??
I have seen 9 eagles in this spot! However,not on a constant basis.

Floathouses with Strathcona Mountains in Background

This was taken at sunset and the light is coming close to the horizon. The shadows grow in length and gives the landscape more texture. In large landscapes,texture is very important!
With aerial photography, you can only really shoot near sunset. You not only get texture across a other wise flat subject,but the light is warm as well. Bonus!
If you are going up on a plane flight,make sure their are no clouds to the West. One hour before sunset should be a good time to go up.