I was shocked to see one of my little bear friends injured today! She’s a very timid girl & wouldn’t hurt a fly. She wouldn’t of engaged in a fight. She’s too small anyways! She must of turned to run & the attacker got her left hind quarter with a powerful swipe! The wound is large & recent!
She was walking away from me when I saw the wound. I spoke up & said I was sorry to see her being hurt. I put my hand out to her in sympathy while talking to her,she turned & began to walk towards me as if to come see me.
She must be in terrible pain. I wish I could help her,but she will survive. She has her age on her side!


20150723-Maggie's Sequence-2 I went out today & as soon as I got out,some clouds moved in & snuffed the light! If that wasn’t enough,because of the high tide,I couldn’t find any bears out & about.
I knew I wouldn’t be able to shoot much,so tried to make a shot more interesting.
I took a sequence of shots & layered them together! It shows Maggie coming in,hitting & leaving.
It also shows how a eagle adjusts it’s body position. Each shot is 1/4 of a second apart. They can move very fast!