This was the first bear I saw today. I was 500 feet away & when It saw me,It said bye bye! It got up on that log & walked off into the forest. Some bears are just very skittish & no matter how small a boat you have or how quiet you are,……they just walk away.
Each bear has it’s own personality to be sure!



I was pleasantly surprised to find a old friend of mine today! I haven’t seen “White Eye” in a year or so & when I do see her,she has not one,not two but three cubs with her! Plus,the cubs are not skittish!
I was tickled to find my old friend again! I talked to a biologist about her eye but didn’t get a definitive reason as to why her eye is screwed up? One things for sure,she does have some sight out of it. I saw her looking backwards at me out of her right eye. She seems to manage just fine however.
I will be keeping a eye out for her & the triplets for sure………pun intended.
I have named her cubs “White Star” (one cub has a very large white patch on it’s chest),”Willow” & “Whacky”. Not sure of their sex yet,but will figure it out?




I saw these Harbour Seals basking on Rankin rocks. I went past them & when I was hidden by another large rock,I doubled back. I used the rock as cover. Came in slowly to reduce the amount of noise. I was upwind. Didn’t have any place to pull the boat up or tie it up? So I tied the front line to my ankle. I carefully crawled my way up to the top of that rock to see if they were still there? I peaked over & sure enough they were still there!
I began to take some shots. Sneaking up on Seals is hard to do. Thats why I took advantage of the situation when I saw I could use a large rock as cover!