20130126-IMG_411220130126-IMG_4120The clouds parted today & I didn’t need to be told twice! I headed out to see what I could see?
Came across this Heron in the harbour. It was drying it’s wings in the winters sun.
I headed east & ran into K19’s gang in that shallow bay just past Tsapee Narrows! They really seem to like this spot! The tide was high so I ventured into the bay to get some closer shots. As per normal,they took to the air long before I could get anything half decent! I looked around on the land for feathers & found a few!
Continued on down Tofino Inlet. With the tide being high,I decided to go into Tranquil. I haven’t been able to get into there the last few times because of ice! I was curious to see if the Trumpeters were down there?
Sure enough they were & I counted 6 in total. Searched for more feathers. The ground had many shallow holes all over the place! I assume the bears were digging for something but for the life of me I can’t figure out what?
While I was there a adolescent Trumpeter came swimming down the creek! It wasn’t aware that I was there? I grabbed my camera & used a large log as cover to approach. These guys are very hard to get close to,so I made the best of it!
Had my lunch of hot soup down in Tranquil in the middle of a light rain.
Headed over to Cannery to check on the Lions. Yes there were a few on the float but I suspect they will be all gone in a week or so? Their numbers this year have been low. The ebb & flow of these boys is controlled by forces unseen!
It was more or less a hit & run with them today. Some clouds had moved in,so the light was poor to begin with,so I couldn’t get too excited!
Headed back to town for sunset. I didn’t stop at Tsapee Narrows on the way back because the light was poor at that spot. It looked much better in town & sure enough it was!
Went straight to Deadman Island to visit with Romeo & Juliette. It was another excellent Tofino sunset & all three of us enjoyed it together!
Took a few of my finely feathered friends & said goodnight to them both.
It was the Full Moon today,but way too late in the cycle to get any good shots! The moon rises just as the sun sets,meaning no light what so ever! I prefer & search for great light on my subject material! If I don’t get it,I’ll take a token shot but won’t go crazy taking shots!
Not a huge day photographically but still very worthwhile!

K19’s GANG

20130126-IMG_413220130126-IMG_414420130126-IMG_415620130126-IMG_415920130126-IMG_416420130126-IMG_416620130126-IMG_4167I found K19 & his minion in that shallow bay just pass Tsapee Narrows again. I haven’t seen his mate K18,so can only assume she has perished? They have a band around their neck as well as their ankles,so even if it fell off from their neck I would see the small tags around their feet! Collected a few feather’s from the spot they like to rest on!