Came across a great rainbow today but couldn’t really take advantage of it.I couldn’t find a eagle anywhere?

I couldn’t see Tranquil valley due to the rain. In the second shot you can see a tall Sitka.That dead tree is huge btw.I’m waiting for a wind storm to bring it down.I’ve always thought that It would make a excellent eagle tree,but I’ve never seen one on it.


20150201-IMG_8716When you see these Halos,it’s a foreteller of rain coming usually within 24 hours.
The arc is created by billions of tiny plates of ice. The plates are hexagonal shaped & refract the light.
If you were to look at a typical rain storm cross section,it would be composed of water droplets ranging in size from small (outer edge) to large (centre) & to small again on the trailing end.
The very smallest droplets precede the storm. They can be hundreds of miles from the centre of the storm. The fine vapour is at a high altitude & so freezes. They freeze into transparent hexagonal plates. These plates act in the same fashion as prisms & bend the light.
So when you see these arcs,it’s Mother Natures way of telling you to get out the rain gear!


20141212-Tranquil Rainbow,Dec 12th,201420141212-IMG_2434I shot this down in Tranquil inlet. There is not only the primary & secondary bows but a rare third bow! This third bow is created because of the waters calm reflective surface!

I was heading toward Rankin Rocks to see if any birds were about when I noticed “white water”! Any time you see a line of white water,turn around! It means that there is a hard rain falling!
The large drops hit the waters surface & produces a miniature white splash. Get millions doing it & the water at a distance turns white.


20140320-DAFADIL PANO-220140320-IMG_7063-2This island has Daffodils on it! They always come up in the Spring. I can only guess that some planted them there? I’ll speculate even further & say they were planted there because someone who loved this area died & close friends planted them………….or at least it makes a good story!
I saw shot gun shells littering the island. Duck hunters use this spot to hunt from.

Romeo’s Rainbow

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I always am on the watch for conditions that are favorable for rainbows and today those ducks lined up!
This rainbow happened right over where Tofino gets it’s water supply from. Sharp creek on Meares Island. The conditions were just right for that rain to keep going too!
Romeo seemed to know I wanted him to fly over into position and pose for me!
Awfully obliging of the chap!

Harbour Rainbow

It was a rainy day today BUT and it’s a BIG BUT……I saw a large clearing coming towards us from the west on the Sat. site and knew that it would hit later in the afternoon……….and it did!
I went out in the boat during a rainstorm and that is a first! I never go out in the rain,NEVER! Why you ask?
Because if there is rain,it means there is no light and therefore no reason to go out! However,this clearing was coming and I crossed my fingers that I was right and made the wet effort to get out!
I was right and got some great shots too!
Because the cloud structure limited me,I stayed in the harbour area. Romeo kept me company!

This is the first shot I took. I’m a sucker for rainbows! I saw it happening when I was in the boatshed and switched my lens to a wider angle and ran out to the dock with my camera under my jacket ( it was still raining). The first shot I took (this one) is the only one that worked. I moved further down the dock to get a better angle but the light failed and so did the Rainbow! It was only a matter of seconds and that was all she wrote for the Bow!
I wished the Coast Guard Cutter (Cape Ann) was at her berth,but she was out somewhere?
I would catch up with her later. I knew that she was out somewhere but I didn’t know if she would be coming into the harbour from the east or the north?
Another reason why I decided to stay in the harbour. Turns out I lucked out, and she came into the harbour from the north!
I got some excellent shots of her with a snowy Lone Cone in behind!

Meares Island Rainbow

I missed this rainbow and only got the tail of it.
A rainbow is something that you have to be ready for or just shear luck!
I saw Ernie up in a tree trying to dry his wings out . I thought of getting him in the foreground and the rainbow in the background,but I think the sweet spot would of been up on the roof of somebody’s house!
A small clearing moved through near sunset and I just rode around town looking for something to take shots of. Couldn’t find anything outstanding actually!

Strawberry Rainbow

You need to understand that I never thought about going out today because of all the cloud and rain.
However, a clearing started to develop to the south of us later in the day,but I was ready for it. I normally go out earlier in the day ,so I had to act quickly!
The sun was blocked by clouds to the west but I knew that it would slip underneath them and shine!
The first thing I shot was Strawberry Island with this rainbow! The last of the rain heading away from us.
A rain storm is basically a mobile projection screen! Billions of tiny water molecules falling act as tiny prisms & split the light into it’s individual wavelengths!
When the sun hits the drops of rain,we get a rainbow but it never lasts for very long!
That mobile projection screen(rain storm) is moving away from our perspective!
To get a double rainbow ,the rain drops have to be half as big. Much smaller! Also the colour sequence is reversed! Like a mirror was put up beside the original rainbow.

I had a really nice visit with Romeo tonight. He’s always a real charmer!
Juliette was there initially but she took off and I have no idea why or where? I found that very odd? Thats the second time in as many days that she has done that!
She’s never done that before? It makes me wonder why?
I wonder if they have have a nest elsewhere? If they do,they may have a egg? It’s all a bit strange for me?
I’m not sure what is going on here,but will keep you updated!

Harbour Rainbow

I got majorly suckered today!
I did not plan on going out today because of all the cloud/rain!
However,I did see a large clearing pushing up from the south and decided to go out in the boat!
I should of stayed on land!
This clearing was heading north,but what I didn’t see was the rather large cloud system moving from the east to the west! Basically I got T-Boned by a cloud from the east!
That huge clearing and all that gorgeous light was swallowed by this ROGUE cloud! I didn’t see it or anticipate it! I was really choked!
As the sun got lower in the sky, that large dark cloud kept going to the west and stopped the light from coming through!

I went down to Tsappee Narrows and couldn’t do anything! The Daredevil just sat there chirping ! I told him that I couldn’t take any shots because of the poor light.
I waited a hour and a half and got nothing really.
The only thing that came out of this is that I’m pretty sure they have a egg in their nest and are expecting!