I’m not sure why,but this bear has a bad right eye. It might be “White Eye” but it seems smaller than her?  I will have to compare shots.

UPDATE : I did compare some of my last year shots.I am positive that this is “White Eye”! The only difference is that she is alone this year.Last year she had triplets.They must all be out on their own & momma has taken a year off to relax.

GUNNER INLET (first bear)



This is the first bear I encountered tonight.I found it at the mouth of Gunner inlet (west side). Unfortunately  it was in the shade.It was also high tide at the time,so I knew I wouldn’t be seeing too many. I normally pass up any bears I see in the shade,but because I knew I wouldn’t be seeing too many tonight,I boosted my ISO & went in.

I only took a few & continued down the shore line into Gunner.I found a second bear not 500 meters from this one! They both were walking in the same direction (northward). When bears meet,one usually takes off in fright.Often times,bears attack each other. They hear other bears moving about in the forest way before I do! They are constantly on guard! While eating along the shore,after getting a mouthful they will raise their head……….stop chewing (to listen),look around & than continue eating if the coast is clear.

A bear wakes up with two questions on it’s mind each morning……….”Can I eat it……or can it eat me”?