20140811-Untitled_Panorama1I didn’t get out in my boat tonight. Instead I decided to head out to Cox bay for the sunset.

The cloud structure looked interesting! I walked the beach looking for photo opportunities,but found few. As the clouds started to turn reddish I looked around frantically for any surfers & than found two walking towards me! I rushed up to them & asked if I could take shots of them as they walked?

They agreed thankfully! The cloud colour & structure was fantastic! The beach had a layer of water on it that acted like a mirror! When the tide is high,the water permeates down into the sand.The entire beach fills up like a huge bowl.So when the tide goes out,all of that water begins to drain back down the beach. This water layer really adds drama to a beach scene! So it’s better to shoot the sunset when it’s low tide rather than high!

Had a great sunset beach shoot tonight! I never know when the sunset is going to “GO”,but if your not around & prepared,your not going to be able to take advantage of it!

Cox Rainbow

I went out to the far side of Frank Island tonight.
A rain storm passed over from the west and proceeded to the east behind me. When it did this,from my vantage point the sunlight was able to hit these rain drops and split the light up into it’s individual wavelengths and thus a rainbow!
The gulls on the left hand side had a great view as well.

Kite Surfing

Because of my location up on a high spot on Frank Island,I couldn’t move around much. So,I basically had to wait for the Kite surfers to cross my composed scene.
I not only waited for them to cross but was hoping that a wave would crash onto Sunset Points rocks at the right moment……and it did in this shot and a few others.