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Coast Guard Helicopter Landing & Taking Off

The ” Sherman T “

Almond Islet Eagle

“Everyone In The Pool”

“Heads Up”

BIG ” ED “

Sea Lion Pano’s


The Daredevil

Blue Heron

Moe & Strathcona

The “Oceansummer” (Crabber)

Blue Heron


Romeo at Sunset

A Cormorants Sunset



Wave Sequence

Splish Splash

Lighthouse Sunset

Sunset Ride

Donald Mackenzie

West Coast ROCK & ROLL

Storm Sunset

Storm Watchers

Big Horned Sheep

Tofino Air

Calfornia Sea Lion

Blue Heron

Fortune Channel Snow Storm Pano

Mainstream’s Fortune Channel Fish Farm Pano

“Let There Be Light”

Fresh Snow


Kimoto & Komatsu

Sakauye Jinmatsu

Mr. Jacob Hendrik Arnet & Mrs. Johanna Nes Arnet

Tofino Air Taking Off

Blue Heron’s Fighting

The Victor

The “Grace II”


The Tug “Regent” Towing The Barge “Makah”

The “Regent” (Prince George)

Tofino Air Landing

Romeo At Sunset

Sunset Snacking

Romeo Chillin

Water Taxi