I managed to get out today,but to be honest I should of stayed at home!
I didn’t see or get much to write home about! I went up into Fortune Channel,Gunner Inlet & Grice Bay & couldn’t find a single bear! I think they’re preoccupied with the fresh berries? Also,It happened to be high tide so there wasn’t enough shore line for them anyways.I did come across a skittish one in Tsapee Narrows but couldn’t get close enough to get a half decent shot.
Because of getting very little,I decided to go out to the Lighthouse & see how things were? Turns out the light got snuffed about a hour before sunset as well! I was really striking out tonight!
I found this Osprey in Grice Bay.
Better days ahead!


It seems so long since I last got out! I’ve only been averaging once a week lately & for the summer time that’s poor!
I went up into Fortune Channel for bears but couldn’t find one! In all honesty however,the tide was high so they are not as numerous with no shore line to pick over for juicy crabs! I do usually find one or two but didn’t tonight. I was disappointed to say the least!
So I went over into Gunner Inlet & yes I did fine two there,but they were both in the shade on the west side! I had to boost my ISO to compensate but managed to get a few.
With the tide coming in,I decided to try Grice Bay for bears? I found two of them but one of them was also in shade & the other was a bit too skittish to approach!
The bears down there are not use to people at all! As a matter of fact, I’d bet that I’m the only other animal they see down there! Nobody goes down there because it’s too shallow! The entire bay goes dry at low tide!
Headed back into town. Stopped off to say hi to the Daredevil & Delilah at Tsapee Narrows. They seemed happy!
I next went to visit with Moe & Maggie on Morpheus Island. They didn’t bother with me tonight,& I could only see Moe over on Nielsen Island.
I continued on to Deadman island to visit with Romeo & Juliette. Romeo didn’t come over to meet me at his rock as he normally does,so I headed over to the island. When I was halfway over, the silly bugger flew over to his rock! So I turned around & went back to the rock. I asked him whats up? He just looked at me! He’s a funny guy sometimes.
Juliette stayed on the nest. I didn’t see their eaglet either.
The sunset was great but tying to find anything for a foreground subject was hard! THAN I realized that a kayak was coming into the harbour out of the dark! I shadowed her for awhile silhouetting her against that great sunset sky!
Another fantastic evening shoot for me folks!