Our weather has closed in for the week.So I won’t be taking any shots.I never take shots when It’s raining.So I thought I’d repost some shots. This fishing boat was coming back in.Both Romeo & Atleo Air did fly by’s behind the fishing boat.There is even a sailing boat in the background.




This is a good example of what happens when there isn’t good light. Detail is lost due to low contrast.No sweeping shadows or colour!

Cloud cover is to blame.It blocks all the wavelengths of light that are warm.”ROY” red,orange & yellows.Without “ROY” hanging around,theres no picture party!




I went all the way down Tofino Inlet to Deer Bay.About 1 1/2 hours away.The ice sheet was gone but the Trumpeters were there.There are seven staying in Deer bay right now.

Tried to go up Tofino creek but the water was too shallow & the tide was already dropping.I wanted to go to the old prospectors cabin up river.I can only get there during high tides.

So I shut the engine off & drifted back out.Thats when I heard the distinct sound of a generator coming from further upstream.Someone must be staying at the cabin? I bet it’s Hunters?

Left that mystery alone & headed back to Tofino.Visited with my eagle friends & got some good shots! Was a tad chilly for me today,but I managed to stay fairly warm.



I always get a laugh when I see this! This feeder is owned by that Hummingbird on the right ,”Shorty”. I have a seed feeder for the seed birds as well. About the only birds that seem to come to the seed feeder are the “House Finches”.

“Shorty” is the resident Hummer.Him & I get along really well.If I happen to be standing outside beside the feeder,he doesn’t mind coming for a drink only inches from my head.As long as I don’t move,he’ll keep on drinking to his fill.If another Hummer tries to come to “his” feeder,he’ll fly out chirping in protest!

The Finches have started coming over for a drink. Remember that the Finches can only lick at the opening to get the nectar.So I found it amusing when the Finches started encroaching onto “Shorty’s” territory! They’d fly over while he was there drinking & he’d fly away chirping in protest. He has never attempted to get rid of his much larger cousins. He just sits on his perch,watching. He allows them to drink up,& knows they’ll be gone soon enough anyways.

Today was the first time I saw “Shorty” fly over while one of the Finches was there drinking! I think “Shorty” has either gotten use to them or has just plain given in?

I think I need to get one of those Hamster bottles for my Finch friends.I know “Shorty” would agree!



I went down Tofino inlet today.I went to the end,Deer Bay,or at least as far as I could go.There was some ice down in the bay.I wanted to find out how extensive the ice sheet was & If the Trumpeters were down there?

The ice was,but the Trumpeters weren’t! With nobody home I took some panoramic shots.The light was perfect & so were the clouds.Not too much & not too little!

A really pretty spot to hang out for awhile & I had it all to myself!






I went down Tofino inlet today‚Ķ.or I should say “tried” to.I wanted to check on the ice cover? We are in what is called “Outflow Conditions” right now.Which means cold winds from the NE.Tofino inlet is roughly NE,so the winds come straight down the inlet pick up speed & produce large fetch.I could see the caps at a distance.Tried to sneak up the west side using islands as protection but that only worked for a few miles.The waves finally made me turn back. Went into Gunner inlet to rest.Found a nice thick ice sheet in there as well.I bet I could of walked on it at the far end!

I bet Tranquil & Tofino inlet from Barryman point is completely frozen over! I’d love to get up in a plane & get shots of it!

I left Gunner & headed back to town.I stopped to visit with Maggie but she wasn’t around? She must have a place to hide from that NE wind & couldn’t see me? I moved on to Romeo & Juliette.Romeo flew out to greet me right away & Juliette joined him seconds later as well! The light was excellent! No clouds to the west.It’s mating season so they stick together.They both came over to their throne several times.Talked with them,took some great shots & left.

It was a cold day out there today but I was warm! Had a great shoot!