I got out later than normal tonight. It was cloudy all day & I thought I wasn’t going to be able to get out? The clouds broke & I headed out as fast as I could! I went straight up into Fortune Channel to look for my furry friends. I found a Sow & cub in “Crooked Bay”. She was approachable,but heard something in the bush & took off!
I found a second Sow & cub but that one was skittish. She always is! I call her “Scardey Cat”!
Headed back into town before the sunset………or at least, tried? I can never get back in time! I’m always traveling!
Went to visit with Romeo but he was more interested in playing games! Hide & seek I think!


A few seconds after I took this,the Sow did her alarm “grunt”! They both did a 180 & ran away into the forest!
She must of heard another animal walking in the forest towards them? However………bears get spooked by things which don’t exist all the time!


I went over to Deadman Island to visit with my friend Romeo & was surprised to find he wasn’t there! I figured he left for the salmon grounds again?
I took off & looked over my left shoulder to find the little brat on the mudflats! I stopped & yelled to him “what are you doing there”? I took a few shots of him while he was on the ell grass.I was looking at my exposures on my camera & the next thing I know……he’s gone!
He took off & went back to the island!
I think I heard a laugh?


As I was heading out to look for some bears,I looked over my shoulder & saw these two coming up on my 6. They were heading out for the same thing. I did see some bears up in Fortune Channel,but couldn’t get close. I decided to try Gunner Inlet. Found two in there but once again,one of them was too far away & in the shade as well! I couldn’t even bother getting the camera out!
The second bear I came across just outside Gunner was Li’l Jackie! I’m always happy to see her! She has such a nice sparkling personality! I was able to get close but she also was in the shade! Beggars can’t be too choosey!
After spending some quality time with my little furry friend,I booked it & headed back into town for the sunset. I also was very mindful that the moon was going to be rising shortly! On the way back in I could see it low in the east! I was hoping to find a eagle to put in the foreground when I got into town & thankfully my buddy Romeo volunteered! Thats why he’s my fav! Got some awesome shots of him with the moon & those amazing clouds!
Tonight’s shoot didn’t start out with much up in Fortune but ended with a bang because of Li’l Jackie,the moon & those gorgeous clouds!