I got out later than normal tonight. It was cloudy all day & I thought I wasn’t going to be able to get out? The clouds broke & I headed out as fast as I could! I went straight up into Fortune Channel to look for my furry friends. I found a Sow & cub in “Crooked Bay”. She was approachable,but heard something in the bush & took off!
I found a second Sow & cub but that one was skittish. She always is! I call her “Scardey Cat”!
Headed back into town before the sunset………or at least, tried? I can never get back in time! I’m always traveling!
Went to visit with Romeo but he was more interested in playing games! Hide & seek I think!


A few seconds after I took this,the Sow did her alarm “grunt”! They both did a 180 & ran away into the forest!
She must of heard another animal walking in the forest towards them? However………bears get spooked by things which don’t exist all the time!


I went over to Deadman Island to visit with my friend Romeo & was surprised to find he wasn’t there! I figured he left for the salmon grounds again?
I took off & looked over my left shoulder to find the little brat on the mudflats! I stopped & yelled to him “what are you doing there”? I took a few shots of him while he was on the ell grass.I was looking at my exposures on my camera & the next thing I know……he’s gone!
He took off & went back to the island!
I think I heard a laugh?


As I was heading out to look for some bears,I looked over my shoulder & saw these two coming up on my 6. They were heading out for the same thing. I did see some bears up in Fortune Channel,but couldn’t get close. I decided to try Gunner Inlet. Found two in there but once again,one of them was too far away & in the shade as well! I couldn’t even bother getting the camera out!
The second bear I came across just outside Gunner was Li’l Jackie! I’m always happy to see her! She has such a nice sparkling personality! I was able to get close but she also was in the shade! Beggars can’t be too choosey!
After spending some quality time with my little furry friend,I booked it & headed back into town for the sunset. I also was very mindful that the moon was going to be rising shortly! On the way back in I could see it low in the east! I was hoping to find a eagle to put in the foreground when I got into town & thankfully my buddy Romeo volunteered! Thats why he’s my fav! Got some awesome shots of him with the moon & those amazing clouds!
Tonight’s shoot didn’t start out with much up in Fortune but ended with a bang because of Li’l Jackie,the moon & those gorgeous clouds!


In my 40 years of taking pictures of wildlife,I have never come across a sadder sight than what I saw today! This bear is not only old & emaciated,but also wounded! I can guarantee that this bear will not be in this world very much longer!
Just watching it walk hurt me & I could tell that it was in pain!
This bear & many others are waiting for the RAIN! We need the rain to fill the creeks & rivers so that the salmon will come in. Than the bears (& everyone else) can eat! All of the river systems are low! We haven’t had rain in long time! We need the rain quickly or many salmon populations (for this years run) could dwindle! The salmon will wait but cannot forever! If the rains do not come in time for their maturing,they will try to spawn anyways! As a result the mortality rate of their eggs will skyrocket & thus when this run returns,there will be a very small number of salmon!
Old Blackey here is simply collateral damage of Global Climate change!
His face represents the effects our species is having upon the earths global climatic systems!

(Notice the top of his left ear is missing!……..most likely from a fight)


Today was cloudy all day! I was hoping that the sun would push all this cloud to the south,but it didn’t! Instead,that clearing arrived right near sunset. I decided to head out for a quickie!
I found this kayak heading south right by Felice island. Notice in the second shot the background? I wondered what it was & headed out to see. Turns out it was a new Feedshed/floathouse for one of Mainstream’s Fish farm sites! A Tug was towing it north.
I than went over to visit with my friend Romeo for awhile. Juliette was still away. I could only shoot silhouette’s of Romeo.
It wasn’t much of a evening shoot! I also expected the light to be better to be honest with you,but ya take what’s served up!!


When I came across this Sow, she was very upset! I heard a cub crying in the bush! The cub came out of the bush & tried to follow it’s mother but the Sow put the “chase” onto the cub!
The Sow was cutting the apron strings & was chasing the cub away! The cub was crying constantly! Even though I understand these things,I felt very sad for the cub!
I’ve seen this happen many times & It’s always a bit shocking to witness! The Sow was very aggressive towards the cub! It was frightening to see the Sow charge at it’s own flesh & blood!
In this shot,the Sow is looking back at the cub, making sure it wasn’t following her! She was grunting & mouth clapping! A sure sign of duress!
The last I saw the cub was crying & following the Sow at a greater distance! It’ll be sleeping alone from now on.


I came across three bears today & all three were skittish! Just my luck that I’d run into three & not know one of them!
I found 2 of them up in Fortune Channel & the third in Tranquil Inlet. No accounting for taste I suppose!
I went up into Fortune Channel,Gunner Inlet & all the way down to Tranquil Inlet today! I went down to Tranquil to check on the salmon run? I found maybe 200 Chum? The run is starting up nicely!
We had some Forest fire haze around us today. I knew the sunset was going to be great but Tranquil took too long & I missed the sunset! RATS! I hate when that happens! I really do! It seems I’m traveling from spot to spot while the sun is prefect for shooting! I can only shoot the setting sun from either the harbour or the Lighthouse. I prefer the Lighthouse because there isn’t anything to the west of it……….except maybe Japan?
All the islands block the view to the west & “can” absorb any foreground subject. The harbour view has low laying islands to the west, so this minimizes the absorption some what!
Didn’t get much to write home about today folks.


When I left Tranquil Inlet,I knew I was going to miss the sunset! It’s so far away from Tofino that all I could do is watch it set! I couldn’t take advantage of that gorgeous light! It’s my bain! I’m traveling between spots when the light is fantastic & can’t shoot it!
I took this on the fly trying to get back into the harbour,just to show you all what I(you) missed!!

“IS THAT…………….FOOD? …………………………………….NOT!

This is what happens when you have poor eyesight! Bears cannot see as well as us,but they can see movement excellent!
This bear spied what It thought was “food” under the water & hauled it out to inspect.
Turns out it was just a chunk of wood :(
No din din for Boo Boo!