Tomorrow, Winter says “Adios” and Spring says “Hello”! Change is afoot in both the Earth and the critters. The whales are swimming past Tofino heading northward and waving to the locals as they go past.

The Trumpeters are saying goodbye and flying north to Yukon,while the Bears are coming out of their dens saying “WHERE’S MY COFFEE”! (I just had to add that as most people do turn into Bears If they don’t get their morning fix.)

When the Trumpeters leave, the bears wake up. It’s amazing to see this unfolding each year. Everybody must have the same clock,as their timing is always impeccable! The Trumpeters and the Bears tag team each other and Nature is the coordinator!


I’m convinced one of the reasons people go stir crazy during the dark cold winter nights is because they are not exposed to warm light. When I say warm light I do not mean the actual physical warmth but more the psychological warmth we all recognize and need.

Seeing a picture of a beautiful sunset is one thing but to actually participate in one is pure therapy! A good vaccine against the winter blues.

My friend Romeo and I wish you winter warmth.