Our weather has closed in for the week.So I won’t be taking any shots.I never take shots when It’s raining.So I thought I’d repost some shots. This fishing boat was coming back in.Both Romeo & Atleo Air did fly by’s behind the fishing boat.There is even a sailing boat in the background.


20150228-IMG_2094Headed out today. It was low tide,so I went up to Fortune Channel. With our warmer weather,I’m was hoping the bears would be coming out of their Winter dens? Unfortunately,after checking Fortune & than Gunner inlet,nobody was home…………they must still be snoozing? Soon however!
I can always tell when they are going to be coming out……………..the bear watching boats start buzzing about!
Went down into Tranquil,but no Trumpeters. I think they have all gone down to the end of Grice bay. With it being Low tide,there was no way I would be able to get down there. Grice bay is a very shallow bay. Kind of freaks me out when I go screaming down there & see the bottom only a few feet below me!
There must be around 30 Trumpeters down there now! At high tide I go down there,take a few shots & collect all the feathers they’ve dropped.
Headed back after a rest at Tranquil for Tsapee Narrows. Both the Daredevil & Delilah greeted me. I saw some high cloud moving in from the west & knew these shots would be the only ones in great light! Once the sun gets snuffed,I can only shoot silhouettes.
Said goodnight to my friends & headed to Deadman island to visit with Romeo & Juliette. Didn’t divert & go visit with Maggie because she’s in a spot where I cannot shoot silhouettes very good with her.
Romeo came over to greet me! He did land on his rock but couldn’t shoot that. No light & no way to get behind him to shoot a good silhouette.
Juliette came over to say hi as well. Both of them flew around for 15 minutes.
Didn’t want to hang around too long. No light,no point.
Said goodnight to them both & called it a day. The bears should be coming out soon,so am looking forward to that!


20140206-IMG_4691It was clear & cold today,so I bundled up & headed out!
As I started out of the harbour & saw a Blue Heron/Oystercatchers on a rocky islet on the north side of Strawberry island. Shot a few of them. Mr. Heron was much more skittish than the Oystercatchers! I’ve found the Oystercatchers are approachable as long as I do not make any sudden movements. They are only in the harbour area during the winter time. They have such a cute look about them!
Continued eastward down the inlet. The tide was low & beginning to come back in,so I decided to give Fortune Channel a try for bears?
As I suspected with this cold front,they were still napping! (as I would be)
Came out of Fortune & continued down the inlet to Rankin. I was disappointed to find nobody home at Rankin as well! Normally there are several thousand Dunlin’s,Plovers etc hanging around. Must of been out searching for food else where?
I continued past Rankin & went down into Tranquil inlet for Trumpeters. I stopped half the way down because I didn’t see thier distinctive white dots at the far end. I stopped the boat to look intently with the binocs & sure enough I couldn’t see any Trumpeters milling about!
No bears,no birds & no Trumpeters! Today was not going to be the best for subject material! RATS!
I was near Cannery bay & thought about going over there to check & see if any Lions had moved in but I think that boat sailed a long time ago & we are not going to get any Sea Lions this winter at all!
This winter has been absent for snow & my animal friends. My winter of discontent!
Started to head back.
Stopped off at Tsapee Narrows to visit with my eagle friends. This is one of the reasons why I love eagles so much……….they almost always are hanging around!
The wind was up a bit so I knew what direction they would be coming in at. The Daredevil & Delilah seemed active today. I’ve found the cold makes them more active & the heat makes them sluggish.
Took a few of my fine feathered friends & continued on. I went to Morpheus to visit with Maggie & I was pleasantly surprised to find my friend Moe! He’s been gone for what seems like a eternity! I’d love to find out where he went? I was worried he might be dead! He just sat way up top & never even came down to say hello. Maggie made up for his indifference! She’s always such a joy!
Took a few of my girlfriend & said goodnight.
Continued on to Deadman island to visit with Romeo & Juliette. Romeo didn’t fly over to greet me. He’s been rather indifferent as well lately?
I saw two fully loaded Geoduck boats coming back into the harbour from the north. I wonder how much longer the Geoduck opening will last?
They use Geoduck (the largest bivalve mollusk) as the main ingredient in Clam chowder! If you’ve had clam chowder,you’ve had Geoduck!
Took a few shots of my friend Romeo with a couple of Geoduck boats in the background. The wind was making the waters surface rough. When they happens I’ve found I cannot see the eagles contours as good. So I went around the backside of Deadman island to shoot a few in the Lee of the island. It was better but nothing outstanding.
Didn’t get much today folks. The Oystercatchers were the first & best of the days shoot. Should of quit while I was ahead,but it’s always great getting out in the fresh air even if it gives me the shivers from time to time!


20131010-IMG_784320131010-IMG_7848It’s been 8 days since I was last able to get out! (the Greenpeace thing doesn’t count,work) I’ve been itching to get back up to Tranquil Creek to get some underwater video of spawning salmon!
Each time I go up there I learn more & more! Trying to video salmon is a tricky business! You can’t be anywhere close to them. They are spooked very easy!
I’ve spooked them many times & have noticed something curious about the salmon! When I get too close to them & the school darts away suddenly,I physically can hear them! I can’t even describe the sound but I’m positive I can hear them!
I didn’t even know that sound could be transmitted from water to air? It’s a low subsonic sound.Obviously it has to be very quiet.No running water or wind. You’d almost have to experience it yourself to understand what I mean!

I entered the system from the estuary & immediately began to notice feathers floating downstream! I’m always watchful for eagle feathers & found a rare white tail feather last year in Tranquil! As I continued upstream,I noticed more & more feathers! I than noticed a recently killed Gull floating to the side. I guess I must of disturbed a eagle who had just killed this unfortunate Gull & it dropped it!
The animals up here are not use to humans being around! There are very few people that go up the creek! I know of only one person who does it personally!………..ME.
Guess I spooked Mr.Eagle while he was chowing down on some KFC.Sorry!

Continued upstream to what I call the “Gauntlet”. (A straight stretch) I noticed thousands of “Chum” salmon swimming & darting all around me! At the north end of the gauntlet is where a old bridge use to be. It was torn down years ago.
I can’t go any further past this spot…….unless I want to damage my prop! It shallows up into some washboard rapids.

I noticed several bears along the shore. The bigger of the two was laying down eating a salmon it had just caught. The second one was just starring at it from a distance as if to say “hey,Buddy………..don’t Bogart that salmon!”?
The bigger bear got up & walked over to the water & grabbed another! The second bear hadn’t any luck earlier! So seeing this bear grab one so easily must of caught the interest of this hungry bruin!
If a bear felt like it was a dominant,it would of charged this bear & taken away the salmon.
However, when there are hundreds of salmon at their feet,they rarely fight with such full tummy’s!
Think of the way you feel after a big Thanksgiving turkey! All is good in the world!
The bears walk around in this temporary state of nirvana for a couple of months!

Took a few shots & just watched them interact.
This about the time I dropped my “Drift Rig” into the stream. It’s basically a device I’ve crudely put together for my Go-Pro to take underwater video footage! I think I’ve got it figured out now!
I started the camera & let it drift downstream,all the while taking video of unsuspecting salmon as it passed by! I’ve found the salmon will not get spooked by something small & drifting downstream! I do sometimes wonder if the blinking red light might be freaking out some of them however?
My technique is simple, I go upstream of a school & let it float gently downstream. I have no control over it turning this way or that of course. Sometimes it’s recording looking this way & all the salmon are behind it! It’s kind of a hit miss deal.

It was getting late,so I decided I better head back. It takes the better part of a hours boat ride to get down to this spot! Thats almost 2 hours spent in just travel time alone!
Stopped at Tsapee Narrows & only Delilah was around. The Daredevil must of been off at one of the salmon bearing streams for a snack.
The sun was getting low & I knew there was no way I was going to be able to get back into the harbour for sunset!
Turns out there was some afterglow happening,so I went to visit with Romeo at Deadman Island. He was around but Juliette was a no show.
Took a few of my old friend against the sunset afterglow & headed in. I did see a Heron on my way back & grabbed a few of him as well!

It was a great shoot tonight! Got some good shots & some even better underwater footage! Life is good!


20130917-IMG_6703I went up into Gunner Inlet tonight & decided to leave Fortune Channel alone. Too many bear watching boats buzzing around!
It was low tide,so I expected to find a bear in Gunner & sure enough,I did! I immediately recognized this bear! It was “Li’l Jackie”! She’s a 2 1/2 year old I met last year & is a sweetheart! She looked at me with interest for moment as if she knew me? She has filled out & that made me happy to see! She’s making her way in the world!
She went up by the forest edge to eat some berries & that was my cue to leave.
I found a second bear near the Baxter Islet fish farm. It looked like a yearling & a small one at that! I laughed when it tried to turn over a rock the same size as it was! I decided to name it “Mighty Mite” for it’s optimistic attitude!
The wind was hitting me strongly in this spot! I decided the only thing I could do was a controlled “drift by”! The light was gone by this time & the wind was hitting me hard! There was no place to put the boat in,so ergo the drift by.
Left my new little friend & headed over to Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil & Delilah,but only Delilah was around & a wet blanket at that! She wasn’t very interested in company tonight.So I moved on.
Moe & Maggie were gone as well!
All the eagles take a vacation after their eaglets fly the coup. They head up north to the spawning grounds. I have no idea where they go,but suspect it’s further north?
I found a “Scattering” of Herons on the mud flats up in Lemmings Inlet! They seemed to be all watching the sunset together!
Romeo & Juliette were gone as well! No eagle/moon shots this full moon for me unfortunately. It’s always slim pickens this time of year!
Not much to write home about tonight,but I was very happy to find “Li’l Jackie” again!


20130821-IMG_4539The weather & light were perfect for a evening shoot today,so I was off to the races!
Went straight up into Fortune Channel to look for some of my furry friends! Found one near Creative Salmon’s Dawely Pass fish farm. I recognized him right away. It was “Lil Jack” turning over rocks like they were books!
Li’l Jack & I spent some quality time together! I think he’s around 3 1/2 years old or so?
He wandered along the shore line & up into the forest for a nap I suppose. He probably gobbled up several hundred Rock crabs while I was watching him!
Said goodnight to him & continued along the eastern shore line looking for Li’l Jacks cousins! Found one in “Big Bay” but couldn’t get very close. The tide was dropping & the shore line in there was shallow. Didn’t recognize this one,but I got some good shots of it by some big old dead tree’s!

I noticed another boat out there for the third night in a row. He’s like me but a professional videographer! I saw him last year too. He had his hands full with another bear & I had mine.
Continued along the shore line to the north. I have a spot where I turn around & begin to head south because the shore line past this point gets steep & the bears cannot come out along the shore line.
I was about to turn when I saw a bear by the shore line! I slowly approached & soon realized it was a Sow with two cubs! I recognized her right away! It was “Streak” & she finally had her cubs out! She has always guarded them & kept them just inside the forest cover!
I had lucked out tonight! I approached slowly & watched her ears. They’re the first sign of stress!
She seemed fine,so I continued. The cubs both had little streaks down there chest just like Mum! One was wider than the other. Not sure but I think that one is a male & the one with the thin streak is a female?
I went up wind & drifted in very quietly. It worked & I was in position. Streak was cool & more interested in overturning large rocks for those tasty crab treats! The two cubs have never seen me before & so were apprehensive about me. They kept there distance but were watching me constantly. Because of all this excitement I hadn’t noticed that the sun had gone past the spot where I normally take off. I knew I’d be missing the sunset back in town, but sometimes something comes up that demands ones attention more so!
The sun went behind Meares & the shadow touched the shore where Streak & I were chewing the fat. No light,no shots,so I said goodnight to her & thanked her for introducing me to her two “Little Streaks”! (“Thick” & “Thin”)
Headed back to town but not before stopping off at Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil. Because the sun had gone in behind some low laying cloud,the best I could do for shots were silhouette’s.
Only got a few shots & took off. The clouds did look great so I wanted to take advantage of them in the harbour. By the time I got in there the clouds had totally changed & gone more to the red end of the spectrum. Not as impressive I thought but still great none the less!
Went to Deadman island to visit with Romeo. He wasn’t home when I arrived & I cursed,but the silly bugger perched just as I was thinking no shots from him tonight! Couldn’t see Juliette anywhere?
Romeo & I had a few words & than he posed a bit for me.
By this time the light was all but gone,so I called it a night & came back in.

Seeing Streak with her cubs really made my night! Had another great shoot tonight!


20130711-IMG_920820130711-IMG_9216I must admit that I was very disappointed tonight!
I went up into Gunner Inlet & Fortune Channel & didn’t find one bear! I even stopped in Gunner & had my treat. This not only is something I look forward to each night,but it also buys me time. Many times a bear will come out during my treat time!
I only had half of my treat in Gunner & the other half at the top end of Fortune. Didn’t work tonight! There should of been at least one bear,but once again they must of been having their picnic in the woods somewhere?
Left Fortune & went over to Tsapee Narrows. The light was excellent but the wind was up…….again! Wind is my bane! It not only slows me down but also takes a toll on my body from all the pounding! Not to mention me & my equipment getting wet from the spray!
Said goodnight to both Delilah & the Daredevil.
The sun was getting low,so I thought I had better head over to Deadman Island before I lost the light! Once again,Romeo saw me coming & headed over to greet me! I was busy switching my lens when I noticed that Juliette had joined Romeo on his throne! Actually, she pushed him off of his throne & took his spot!
I’ve noticed that whoever or whatever the animal is,the one that is the biggest is the one that cracks the whip!
This was a rare treat! I circled them & got as many shots as I could! Juliette never does this!
We watched the sunset together! Had a great visit with them both,but that wind made me curse! It darkens the water & semi absorbs the eagles contours. I much rather prefer it when it’s calm (which seems to never happen!).
Said goodnight to them both & headed into the harbour. Spotted acouple of kayaks heading over to Wickaninnish island & followed them for a bit.
Called it a night & came back in.
No bears tonight but I was compensated by having Juliette join Romeo on his throne!


Man! Did I have a poor shoot today!! I took a grand total of 13 shots! I normally shoot around 3 or 4 hundred!
I saw two bears but they both went into the forest before I could get close! Plus the wind was blowing me all over the place! I got soaked just from the spray! The waves were pounding me as well! I basically put out alot of energy tonight & got the worse results of my life!
I swear If I don’t get redemption with tomorrows shoot,I’m going to be very disappointed!!
All the eagles were gone as well! I looked around the harbour when the sun was perfect but couldn’t find anything to shoot!
I decided to call it quits when the sun set!