I went into Gunner inlet tonight looking for bears.I found this bear almost immediately! I had enough time to take two shots before it walked slowly off into the forest.To say the least,I was very disappointed! I couldn’t figure it out?I hadn’t spooked it….than I heard grunting! I knew instantly that it was a Sow & she was talking to her cub! I could barley see movement in the bush but could still make her out. Than I saw the cub…………….& a second one as well! I couldn’t believe my luck! There was no wind so I could hear everything going on in the bushes.I waited to see if she would introduce me to her cubs? Sure enough,after 10 minutes she came back out with the two cubs trailing behind! Seeing as how I found her in Gunner,I have decided to call her “Gloria” & the cubs “Twiddle Dee” & “Twiddle Dumb”.

I followed them for over a hour & had a grand time! Watching the cubs play was special! Gloria must of already known me,she was fine with me being nearby. “Twiddle Dee” liked to climb rocks & trees,while “Twiddle Dumb” always wanted to follow his/her brother/sister & play fight.

It was one of my more rewarding shoots!





I originally thought this bear had it’s eye injured by another bear.After thinking a little more about this shot,I’ve come to a different conclusion.

If this bear had been swiped in the eye by another bear,surly some of the surrounding eye flesh would of been injured as well. After a wound heals,you can see scar tissue.

I see no scar tissue on this bear.So my only conclusion is that this condition must be from a disease?The right socket looks like the flesh is puckering.If this bear can still see through this eye,surely it cannot see very much?




I know this is early but I’m going to be away from my computer for 5 days.So I thought I had better post this before I leave.

I originally shot this April 21st. It was my first introduction to the worlds cutest bear cub……”Piglet”!

I knew right there & then that this would make a great Mothers Day card! I was amazed at how human like Peggy was when she was playing with Piglet! I realized that love is not something inherent to Homo Sapiens. I suspect many animals great & small feel profound emotions like this?

I send this out for “all” the Mothers in this world!




There was a sport fishing boat in the harbour.He had stopped to pull his Crab trap.The Crabs here are Dungeness.You can only keep the larger ones & must throw back the smaller ones & or females.I could see the fellow measuring & tossing the smaller ones back in.Much to the joy of this Sea Lion! He was eating them as fast as they could be thrown back in! There were two Sea Lions enjoying the free Crab dinner.




I went out today with high hopes of finally being able to get some excellent shots of Peggy & Piglet! Every single time I was able to visit them & take shots the clouds had snuffed the light.Today was sunny,so I was looking forward to finding my two furry friends & getting some great shots of them both!

I couldn’t find them anywhere?I stopped my boat at the beach they like & listened intently! Sometimes they could be inside the forest.Piglet makes a lot of noise.

I did find this large male very close to their beach however,so suspect he spooked Peggy/Piglet! Females will stay away from males as they can kill their cubs!

I hope he was passing through & is not going to be hanging around.Crystal & Chester’s favourite beach was close by as well.







“Scar” is a 3 to 4 year old female.She has a very distinctive scar on her right rear end.The only way a bear gets a wound on the rear is when it turns to run……….&  doesn’t run fast enough!

I remember seeing her on the shore last year relaxing & the next running for her life into the forest! She was being chased by another bear that came out of nowhere!

She seems to get picked on…..or bullied…….or is that “bearried”?



When a Sow finds a quiet spot (with food of course) she’ll stay.So I found Peggy & Piglet in the exact same spot tonight! When I went by 15 minutes earlier they weren’t there.I found Peggy laying down with her back to me playing with Piglet.Piglet was doing his/her best to attack mum but only getting pushed around.(gently of course)

As with the last time I found them here,there was a standing cloud over Meares island to the west which blocked the light! I can’t wait to get some good shots of them both in great light!

Peggy looks like she has a slight old scar on her right eye area.She also had something sticking on her bum? Lots of needles/debris were stuck to it.