A Arctic cold snap has descended upon us.Bringing cold temperatures……or at least cold for this area. I went down to Tranquil today.Didn’t see “Lippy” on Rankin rocks as I passed by.In fact,I didn’t see anybody around what so ever.No Seals,no Sea Lions. I bet the bait fish have left the inlet? If the food leaves,so do the predators.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Tranquil Trumpeters have arrived however! They weren’t there yesterday,so am assuming they arrived today?

Took a few scenery shots of Tranquil & left.With the sun setting so early I really do not get to look around as much. On my way back I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it back to the harbour for sunset.A offshore cloud bank snuffed the sun even quicker. So I went to Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil.Haven’t done that in what seems like years! I liked the cloud structure in the background. Took a few shots of my feathered friend & continued on to the harbour.By this time the light was totally gone,so I decided to come back in.Didn’t get much today but it sure was great getting out!


20130521-HARBOUR PANO #4,MAY 21ST,201320130521-HARBOUR PANO #1,MAY 21ST,201320130521-HARBOUR PANO #3,MAY 21ST,201320130521-HARBOUR PANO #5,MAY 21ST,201320130521-HARBOUR PANO #2,MAY 21ST,2013I have 180 people following me on twitter for the local weather. I gaffed today with the weather! I said it would be cloudy with scattered showers today. It was for most of it but the clouds parted late in the day enough to coax me out. I didn’t go out in the boat but rode around instead looking for things of interest!
I went down to 4rth St.Dock & shot a few.