A Arctic cold snap has descended upon us.Bringing cold temperatures……or at least cold for this area. I went down to Tranquil today.Didn’t see “Lippy” on Rankin rocks as I passed by.In fact,I didn’t see anybody around what so ever.No Seals,no Sea Lions. I bet the bait fish have left the inlet? If the food leaves,so do the predators.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Tranquil Trumpeters have arrived however! They weren’t there yesterday,so am assuming they arrived today?

Took a few scenery shots of Tranquil & left.With the sun setting so early I really do not get to look around as much. On my way back I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it back to the harbour for sunset.A offshore cloud bank snuffed the sun even quicker. So I went to Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil.Haven’t done that in what seems like years! I liked the cloud structure in the background. Took a few shots of my feathered friend & continued on to the harbour.By this time the light was totally gone,so I decided to come back in.Didn’t get much today but it sure was great getting out!


20130521-HARBOUR PANO #4,MAY 21ST,201320130521-HARBOUR PANO #1,MAY 21ST,201320130521-HARBOUR PANO #3,MAY 21ST,201320130521-HARBOUR PANO #5,MAY 21ST,201320130521-HARBOUR PANO #2,MAY 21ST,2013I have 180 people following me on twitter for the local weather. I gaffed today with the weather! I said it would be cloudy with scattered showers today. It was for most of it but the clouds parted late in the day enough to coax me out. I didn’t go out in the boat but rode around instead looking for things of interest!
I went down to 4rth St.Dock & shot a few.


20121215-Dock Pano,December 15th,2012It was not only overcast today but we actually got several inches of snow this morning! So I wasn’t able to get out. The reason why I took this shot is because I was hoping that some light would come through the clouds & light up the harbour? It almost did! Lone Cone got lite up but only for a few minutes & that was it!
So i thought what the hell,I’ll shoot it anyways. Just a few token shots before I leave for vacation folks.
I’ll be back in January! Have a great holiday!

4rth St. Dock Pano

It was not only overcast but raining for almost the entire day! However……..I did see on the Satellite that a large clearing was approaching from the west! I just wasn’t too sure when it was going to arrive?
The sun did come out near sunset but too late to get too excited about heading out in the boat!
So I decided to head down to local dock & take a few token shots. I liked the clouds on Meares Island in behind 4rth St. dock.
I’ll be getting out in the next few days because the weather is going to improve tremendously!


We got some snow last night and I wanted to get out in my boat bad! My heart sank when I saw the wind was already kicking up the water in the harbour! Today was one of those important photo days that just doesn’t come around very often! So I decided to head out and see if I could get out?
The NW wind normally kicks up just the harbour & leaves Browning Pass and Tofino Inlet alone. Meares Island acts as a huge wind break. I did manage to get out but even before I stepped in the boat, my gear got splashed.It was in a sealed pack but I don’t like getting salt water on my gear. It screws up the zippers. Even if you wash it later,it seems to slowly erode the zippers.
I went through the harbour & after seeing how much it was already kicking up down Browning Pass,I said thats too much for me & headed back. I love my photography, but I love life more.Safety first! I can always go out another day!
Didn’t get much today as a result.
This is my 4700 posting on this blog.


I was pleasantly surprised to see snow outside when I woke up this morning!
The light was very muted however! There was a thick overcast of cloud. Cloud is better with snow anyways.
The exposure is not as hard to nail down. With bright white and dark blacks,the contrast is too great. The clouds diffused the light and decrease that affect.
We didn’t get much. Only a few inches! I knew that it wasn’t going to be hanging around for long,so I got out as soon as I could!
I really didn’t see anything that was too interesting. The light, and lack of snow didn’t make me smile.
I went out to Chestermans later to see if a clearing would pass over,and it did!
Saturday looks like a good sunny day for us? I hope?
I need to get out in the boat more often. This subject matter is starting to be alittle too repetitive for me.

4rth St. Rainbow

I didn’t think I was going to be able to get out today. The clouds were just too tight!
However I saw on the Sat./Radar site a large clearing in behind those clouds and new that it would clear soon………and it did.
The winters sun is so low in the sky that it gives off excellent light hours before sunset. In the summer,you would only get that same kind of light much later in the day and not for very long either!
I saw this rainbow forming and hurried down to 4rth St.Dock.
The thing about a rainbow is that you not only need to have a good subject for the foreground material,but you also need to be right there when the rainbow “GO’s”! If your a mile away from this spot,your screwed! You have to look at the weather and than go wait by that spot. You need to be aware of the right weather conditions. Critical info!
The closest thing that I could use was 4 rth St.Dock .I’ve used it before and I will use it again. It perfectly fits the bill!
I used a polarizing filter to accentuate the rainbows colours. Unfortunately it gave some vignetting in the corners.

Later on after I did get out in the boat,I came across a injured Blue Heron. It somehow had a broken leg and it must of happened today.
I’m going to try to trap it tomorrow . I’m not sure how I’ll do it,but I’ll try. A friend will than take it to MARS. The Mountain Avian Rescue Society.
They do fantastic work for our fine feathered friends!
UPDATE: (next day)- I looked for him today and couldn’t find him. I also after looking over all my shots,think it may actually survive!
My reasoning for that is that it can perch. It was standing up or perching when I first came across it. If it can do that,it should be able to hunt in the shallows?
I don’t think it’ll starve?
I’ll keep a special eye out for him and update.

4rth St. Dock Pano

The light was poor later in the afternoon,so I didn’t go out. I didn’t even go out to Chesterman’s! The light was that bad!
I did see that clear slit of clear sky near the horizon however. I didn’t have much to shoot,so I went down to the 4rth St.dock. I figured I could use the boats as foreground material.
Meares lit up in gold light. It was a surprising and short sunset tonight.