Almond Islet Eagle with Snow Topped Mountain

This location is down Tofino Inlet. It’s on a small islet called Almond Islet.
I do not know this eagle,but visit him on occasion. He’s further down the Inlet,so do not normally go pass Tsapee Narrows. Shear logistics really. It’s a ways.
I liked the snow on the mountains and lined myself up with him in the foreground.

Sandpipers/Dunlin’s Migrating Through Tofino

I came across these darling little subjects down Tofino Inlet right by Almond Islet. I couldn’t resist. The wind was gently blowing from the West,so I just went up wind and shut the motor off, and drifted into them. I got very close and they didn’t mind at all.

Atlin Post Heading North………..& another Forest from Clayoquot Heading South!

I saw these two guys out there and waited for them to cross.
The barge being towed in the background is loaded with First growth timber from Clayoquot.
Original growth is a non-renewable resource. I know that they call it “renewable”,but thats for second growth. Their is a huge difference between the two!
All logging of Original Growth has to stop,there isn’t much left and once it’s gone,it’s gone. The only way that these forests will ever be able to grow back ,is after we are gone.