Juliette & her Two Eaglets

These are the two Romeo and Juliette had in 09. I think the one on the left is a male and the one on the right is his sister.
They semi hang around at this time of year. Mom and Dad want to have another year of offspring and they will not tolerate their young being around! I have seen them around(immature) and the parents will tolerate them,but it’s not the rule. I think some parents are more laid back than others!

Perfect Light

This is a perfect moment and I always try to strive for. I want not only this type,kind of light,but also a willing subject at that right moment!
Light is always in transition. In other words,it is always changing. It may not be changing very much at a given moment when it’s overhead,but when it gets near the horizon. The light changes alot quicker!

Reflecting Eagle

One day I will get a shot of an eagle doing this,but it’ll be lake water and very calm .Which will make the reflection perfect! Maybe a sunrise shoot when the wind will be very calm. The only lake around here is Kennedy Lake. I have heard of eagles up there,but I do not know where their nests are? I think I would have to camp up there and figure it out.