It was pouring hard today,we’re talking biblical! I got suspicious when I saw the animals beginning to pair up.

We have regular visitors staying during the winter.A handful of Anna’s hummingbirds winter over where I live.They like my spot because the feeder is out of the rain.So they can just hang out & chill when its pouring. They come from California.Why they hang out ┬áhere in the cold when they could be hanging out in a much warmer place is beyond me?

This is a adult male Anna’s.I think he just arrived because all the other hummers have been getting along just fine.They share the feeder with each other no problem.This guy however decided to park his butt on my bikes mirror & guard “his” feeder! If another hummer came by he’d fly up in a shot & ward them off.He’d than fly back to his mirror perch & continue to stand guard!






I’ve noticed that the Hummers go into a feeding frenzy near sunset.I suspect they do it at sunrise too but I’m too lazy to find that out?

I wondered If I could get one them to land on my finger? Hummers have to be one of the most skittish creatures out there! The slightest movement can make them take off in a blur!

So I tried to think of a way I could get one these beautiful creatures to land on my finger?Holding ones arm out is difficult after a few minutes.So you need a brace for your arm.I used a monopod but you can use a tripod or a pole.

I’ve noticed over the last few nights that they go into a feeding frenzy around 7:45pm.So I set up some lights for filming earlier & waited.

Once I saw them starting to “flock”I turned on the camera & placed my finger near the feeding station. It took couple of minutes for one to land but was worth it.I could feel it’s little heart beating so fast! Their tiny talons are sharp but do not dig in. The hardest thing I found was the cold! Their wings are beating so fast that the breeze coming off chilled my hand!

The brown hummers with a dark throat patch are the male Rufous.The female are the ones with spots on their throat.

The Anna’s are the green ones.The males have a throat patch & the females have spots like the Rufous.The Anna’s are much larger than Rufous btw.






The “Anna’s” Hummingbirds are arriving for the winter. I recognized one that arrived yesterday.He likes to perch on my bike mirror.He’s also familiar with me.He doesn’t take off If I approach the sliding door. I call him “Shorty” because he looks smaller than normal.I’ve found when they are very relaxed with their surroundings,they relax their spines & so slump lower.Blue Herons do the same thing.When the head goes up straight like a periscope,thats when they are very attentive.

It was pouring here today.So “Shorty” likes to perch on my mirror.There is an overhang above,so the rain doesn’t come in.He likes to perch there & stay out of the rain.

He also keeps the other hummers from his food source.He’s staked his territory & is protecting it!