20140717-IMG_1882It was high tide when I got out,so my expectations of finding any of my furry friends out & about was slim to none ……………& slim just left the building!
Headed up to Fortune Channel to see if I could find any bears but after two passes along the eastern shoreline,I couldn’t see a single one! Bears eat during low tide & nap till the next low tide (12 hrs). The light was excellent but unfortunately I couldn’t find any of my friends to pose for me.
Had to head back disappointed. I stopped off at Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil. He was home! Eagles are the best animals to photograph because you can see where they live! They prefer the tallest trees to perch upon. They always have to have the best real-estate!
Delilah joined us after a few minutes! Spent half a hour with my feathered friends before having to move on! The sun was getting low in the western sky.We had some nice high clouds (Cirrus) for sunset tonight! Never know how they are going to look,but they always seem to add a nice flair to the setting sun!
Went to visit Maggie on Morpheus island but she wasn’t home? Moe was around but as per usual acted like a wet blanket. That boy needs to get out more! I have no idea where Maggie went? Only hung around a few minutes when I saw she wasn’t home.
I went over to Deadman island to visit with Romeo & Juliette. It’s normally only Romeo & I but she came over to say hi tonight.
The sunset turned out to be great tonight as expected! Romeo wouldn’t come over to his rocky throne for me when I called. They do get lazy in the heat!
I saw him over on another rock that I have never photographed him on. It was still deep enough for me in the shallows,so I headed over.(I did smack my prop a bit but it was at a slow speed) Took a few close ups.He wasn’t use to me getting close to him in this spot so he seemed to act a little edgy,so I backed off.
The eagles I get close to are wild eagles after all! It’s taken me years to gain their trust! Romeo is the only one I can get really close to! He let me get within 15 feet of him tonight! Getting that close to a wild eagle is really unheard of. He doesn’t mind & seems to enjoy my company. I talked to him about this & that & he just looks at me funny!
I have hand/arm gestures I have conditioned them to. I can call him a long ways off just by raising my arm! It doesn’t mean he always comes to me of course,but he usually comes when he sees me coming around from the back side of the islands.
The sun set,so I was done for the night with my two feathered friends. Wished them a good night & called it a night.

Didn’t find any bears,true but getting out to visit with all of my friends made up for it!


This was shot at First St.dock. “Someone” left this couch on the dock! It happens from time to time. I find beer & pop cans drifting from the 1 St.dock all the time. I picked up a floating 4 litre plastic jug tonight.
The 1 St.dock has recently been turned into the 1 St. “Parkcade”! I counted 16 cars & trucks parked on the dock. There are signs up telling people not to do that.
I’m actually surprised that these tourists had a view of the sunset without a truck blocking their view!
Lets see how long that couch stays there??


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I have been doing my photography for over 38 years now and no matter how hard I try to figure out sunsets ,I can never tell if a sunset is going to “GO”!
The sunset tonight did “GO” for sure,but if you don’t have anything interesting for the foreground than all you have is “WALLPAPER”!
I went out onto the Whiskey Dock and waited for a boat to come by…….and sure enough,one did!

My Bain!

Now ,I normally only post beautiful shots of Tofino,but this morning I found all this garbage down at the 1st St.dock(aka-Whiskey dock)
There is one thing that really ticks me off!
It’s not only seeing garbage strewn across my beautiful Tofino’s landscape,but that it doesn’t even come from here!!
I found all of this garbage on New Years Day morning at the 1st St.dock. You can go there any time of the day or night,at any time of the year ,and there will always be garbage there!
I know who’s doing it,but I’m not going to name the group. These individuals have no respect for Tofino or the LAND!