A Parcel of Oystercatchers in Flight

20100930-20100930-IMG_2004There was a Parcel of Oystercatchers on that rock just north of Strawberry Island.( A parcel is the collective noun for Oystercatchers)
I spooked them and they did two laps around me and than settled down. A friend believes that the recent storm we had is responsible for getting so many in one spot.
Cute little guys.

Sow and Cubs

20100930-20100930-IMG_2223She was in the same area at the same time as last night. She has a pattern!!
I’m going to try to take advantage of that little piece of info. I’m going to leave 30 minutes earlier tonight and see if I can spot her walking along the shore in the same area. It’s very shallow in this bay and if I can wait for her to come by me,I may be able to get better shots!
A Gull took off suddenly and it in turn spooked a few others and that in turn spooked her. She did her special alarm grunt and the cubs ran to the base of the closest tree. She didn’t do a second one,so they returned when she continued walking along the shore. I think I know the perfect spot.


20100930-20100930-IMG_2250I went down to see how they were doing,but the Daredevil was not home for a second night!
Maybe he left her for a younger eagle?
More like he’s at a estuary somewhere, or at least I hope so.
At any rate,she was home alone and didn’t feel much like chatting tonight. She did a fly over and looked down her beak at me and that was it.
I think she’s alittle temperamental .

The collective noun for eagles ,is a Convocation or a Congregation!

Focus Point

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I saw a friend of mine in his canoe. I used him as the background object. I than used the Gull for the foreground and Mid-ground subjects as well.
I adjusted the focus plane to each of them just for something to do.
Kind of cool to see how the focus plane changes the pictures feel!

Fishing Boat at Sunset

20100930-20100930-IMG_2368I was all done for the night and was walking away from the boat shed when I saw this boat coming down the harbour towards me.
I went down to the dock and waited for him to cross the afterglow. I’ve seen this boat many times and do not know the name of it. I do know that it’s from Opitsat however.

The Miss Karen

20100929-20100929-IMG_1569I had a busy day today.
I went up in the morning on a Aerial shoot and than later in the afternoon ,shot a Christmas card for a local environmental group. We went out to Stubbs island to do that.
Than I went out on my own as usual.
In total ,I took 750 shots today. I think thats a record for me!
I’ll sleep good tonight.

This is the Miss Karen and she was heading out,but not before one of the guys climbed up to release the poles.You can see him up there if you look closely.
I followed them after they headed out of the harbour.

The Miss Karen

20100929-20100929-IMG_166720100929-20100929-IMG_165120100929-20100929-IMG_162720100929-20100929-IMG_164020100929-20100929-IMG_1614She got her poles out and started to head out to open water.
The kayaks were heading west to Medallion beach on Vargas Island and the Miss Karen looked like she was going out to open water.
There must of been about a dozen kayaks in the group .They were all going over to Vargas island for the night.
The Miss Karen was heading away to the SW. I’m looking to the south.20100929-20100929-IMG_1666


20100929-20100929-IMG_1758After leaving those Kayaks,I headed back into the harbour and went by that rock I like on the north side of Strawberry island.
It was high tide and it was going out. The water was running fast by this rock and with the Bull Kelp being all around,it was tricky getting close to these guys.
The snow up on the mountains is almost gone,but it’ll start to snow up there soon! Thats Strathcona and is about 22 miles away.

Momma and Kids

20100929-20100929-IMG_1809I found a Sow and her two cubs wandering the shore. I found them near Spittle point down in Browning Pass. They were in a shallow bay and the tide was going out,so I couldn’t get very close.
They overturn the rocks and eat the little crabs . They eat them like the way you eat chips!
She overturned this large rock as if it was acouple of pounds!


20100929-20100929-IMG_1812This is the point she realized that they were not alone.
I found with bears that the best thing to do when they look at you is to stay still. If you stay still they most likely will go back to what they were doing. They recognize movement and it helps to identify what they are looking at. If you have clothing that is not bright,it helps as well.
I had my bright red life vest on at the time and it may have helped give my presence away?

Coming In

20100929-20100929-IMG_1906The last shot of the night was out by Felice Island (Round island). I always take a look around the corner before I go in myself. Even though the sun had set,sometimes the afterglow can make great silhouettes on fishing boats coming back in.The only boat I could find was this “Ocean Outfitters” boat coming back in with a load of tourists. The birds flying in behind added a nice touch.
It was a very busy day photographically today for me!

Kayaks and Fast Boat

20100928-20100928-IMG_0779The weather switched and we are into a nice fat high pressure system! About time. Theres been record breaking rain amounts all over B.C. The northern part of the island has several towns isolated because the roads have been washed out!
I left at 5pm today because the sun is setting earlier and earlier! The wind was up a bit and the tide was heading out. When those two forces are opposed,the waves stand up. It can get bumpy. It was but not alot. I still caught some air however and the splashing from that did spray me a bit. As long as I dress for it and don’t get wet(underneath),it’s all good.
Kind of thrilling actually. I ride near the shore where the waves are less.

I shot these kayakers coming in right outside the harbour to the east. I saw this speedboat ripping in from the east. I zoomed in on the name and it said” Gambler VIII”(I think)?
I bet it was loggers from Rankin Cove?

Heading Out and Heading In

20100928-20100928-IMG_0799That smokey boat had just started up it’s motor. Diesel’s smoke like that until they reach their operating temperature. He was following me and that speed boat was heading into the harbour.
I also got a flock of geese heading out of the harbour as well. I guess we all were getting out of Dodge?
I was looking NW and you can see the Native village Opitsat on Meares island in the background right.

Coming In

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I like when the wind is up……..a bit! Not too much. That can get dangerous. I was coming back from Tsappee a month ago and it was choppy than too. So choppy that the violent shuddering flipped one of my paddles out the back of the boat! I didn’t see it going because It was beside me and I was looking forward. I cannot hit the waves on a angle. It’ll knock me off my balance and thats not good!
This is the female coming in.

Strike Sequence

20100928-20100928-IMG_082820100928-20100928-IMG_083220100928-20100928-IMG_0833I got a different angle in this sequence. The wind tosses up the nights shoot every time.I never know whats going to happen?
They are such beautiful creatures and I get a thrill out of trying to capture these kind of moments.
You should be there when they do something like this. You’ll never forget that moment as long as you live!

Heron on Rock

20100928-20100928-IMG_107420100928-20100928-IMG_1093I found this fellow just north of the Meares island Big Tree Trail. He was on the mud flats and the tide was going out. That was unfortunate for me because it was too shallow to get any closer!
There was no way I was getting any closer than this! My prop hit the mud several times as it was and that was with it kicked up! I can go into about 20 inches of water and get away with it.
I don’t like pushing that ,unless the tide is coming in. I sometimes use my paddles to get into tight spots or areas that have alot of weed. The weed will wrap around my prop and stall it. I than have to pull out my knife and cut the stuff free and kick the motor up to get the rest off.
Pain in the butt!
It’s times like this that I wish I had a bigger lens!

Sea Lion

20100922-20100922-IMG_0704I got out tonight and the light lasted less than a hour. The fog came in and that Frontal system moved in as well. In other words the light was majorly SNUFFED!
I took a friend out with me tonight. She spotted those wolves last time and has good eyes for distance. We didn’t see any bears or wolves tonight. There were no eagles around either except for the Daredevil’s mate and she was lethargic. Pitiful. I think the Daredevil was at one of the salmon bearing streams near by?
We went down to Tsapee Narrows and thats were we saw this Sea Lion . He was just passing through to the east .

Blue Heron Hunting

You can see how muted the light was. It was very hard trying to find subject material tonight.
On another note, it was not only the Full Moon tonight,but also the Fall Equinox!
The last of the summers sunshine happened today. The rain is on it’s way and the next 4 or 5 days looks pretty poor.
The Fall arrived tonight.

Baby SunStar

20100922-20100922-IMG_0775Sunstar’s are strange looking creatures! I found this little fellow on the beach when I landed. I’ve never seen a small one before. They are always very large. They can grow up to 1 meter arms or rays as they are properly called. They can also travel very fast. They can cover one meter in one minute! That would be like our 100 meter dash! Fast.
They have over 15000 tube feet to move them and have anywhere from 16-24 rays.
They also have a average life span of 3-5 years.