Frank on Frank

Frank or Frieda are almost always on their nest tree. The only time I do not see them on their nest is when it’s windy!
I woke up very early this morning (5am) & rode my bike out to the beach in the dark for one reason & one reason only! I wanted to shoot the moon set/sunrise!
Specifically,I wanted to get a shot of the full moon hanging directly above the Lighthouse! Unfortunately the moon’s orbit was too far south! I couldn’t line them both up! It’s a matter of geometry really.
Think of the moon as being point “A” & the Lighthouse as being point “B”. By lining up A & B I get point “C”.(in theory)
Because the moon was too far south,I couldn’t find point “C”!
I was able to get a shot of Frank silhouetted against the moon however!
This shot shows the reverse angle 8 hours later.
I’ve found out the best times to shoot the Moon is 3 days before being full & the morning after it was full.(moon rise/sunset & moon set/sunrise)
It’s all about having the moon near the horizon & having golden sunlight bathing the surrounding terrain!
If all your doing is shooting the moon by it’s self up in the sky,than that’s an Astronomical shot & there are billions of those!
I try to get the moon contrasted against a interesting background. The time window is about 20 minutes! The moon is not too faint & not too bright. It has to be in the “Goldilocks Zone”!


I got up early this morning (5am) to shoot the moon set/sun rise out at the beach.
The plan was to get a shot with the full moon directly above the Lighthouse,but alas the moon’s orbit was too far south to line them both up.
I did however get some shots of both Frank & Frieda in their nest tree on Frank Island!
Once again,Frank felt me looking at him (I was about 5-600 meters away) & he bugged out! You can see Frieda hiding down near the tree.


Looks like Romeo is going to be a proud daddy again!
Juliette didn’t leave the nest & didn’t move about. Which means only one thing this time of year! She’s laid some eggs!! She almost always lays two eggs each year.
Romeo wasn’t around to ward off any intruders. Not sure where he was but Juliette cannot leave the eggs unattended. So she has to stay put!
Romeo arrived half a hour later & chirped up a storm!
A proud daddy indeed!


Romeo was minding the nest! I do not think they have any eggs yet,but I strongly suspect they will be coming soon!
They both are displaying some nesting behavior!
I also see that their “old” nest has been rebuilt & up to code by the looks of it!
Looking forward to seeing their eaglet’s this year!

New Nest In The Old Spot!

Romeo & Juliette are building a new nest in their old spot!
Their old nest like the “cradle” fell to the ground 2 years ago. It took about a month for it to slip and fall. Romeo & Juliette did not have any eaglets that year as a result. They built a new nest the following year in another tree close by but I could never see them! It was in a bad spot for viewing.
I was happy to see them building a new nest in their old spot!
Both of them were not around when I dropped by for a visit tonight,which I found strange! I can’t remember when that last happened? They might of been out and about gathering material for their nest?
UPDATE: (February 17th,2012) The beginnings of this “to be” nest has fallen to the ground from the wind storms with have gotten over the last month!
If a nest is going to come down,it will be in the winter usually. The strongest wind storms occur during the winter.

Fortune Channel Eagle Nest

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I normally do not come up to this location (too far) and so I am not that familiar with the eagles in these parts?
It takes years for the eagles to become conditioned to my presence!
One of the eagles might always stay skittish towards me however. Like “Tam” does on Lovekin Point. For whatever reason she doesn’t like me being around? Attitude problem I suspect?

Ernie and Ethel’s New Nest

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It would appear that Ernie and Ethel are building a new nest in the Eik St.tree! Several other eagles are adding to their nest right now. This is the time of year that they can build or add to. You don’t want to be building in the Fall!
They are both very active right now with gathering building material. I didn’t know this, but they gather material by swooping down and grabbing thin tree tops or branches. They than snap and or tear it off and carry it back to the nest!
Because they are burning up alot of calories with all the building efforts,they are going to be getting hungry. Which means they will be hunting more often! I’ll be keeping a eye on them.
I shot this west of the tree,looking east.

Frank’s Angles

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Frieda flew the coupe and it was only Frank and I. I waited for over a hour for her to come back so I could shoot her flairing at just the right moment!
But she stayed away. She does this to me all the time. She’s shy I think?
I decided to walk around Frank and shoot from a few different angles. He’s a rock and not as skittish around me!

Frank with Frieda………………….. and then just Frank!

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She hung around for 15 minutes or so and than just took off! I think she flew over to the north side of Frank and waited for me to go away.
She can be difficult at times!
Frank and I just chilled. After Frieda took off ,he turned around to give me a better profile.
He doesn’t mind posing…………..can you hear that Frieda?

SUPER MOON and Frank

I got up early this morning and went out to the beach to try and shoot the moon with the Lighthouse.
While I was waiting on the beach in the dark ,I realized that Frank was on the nest tree and I tried to get a shot of him with the full moon in behind?
He turned his head and that made all the difference!
I do wish that Frank had chosen a better spot to perch however!
I included a shot of Frank in golden light to compare with!
In that shot I am shooting from the reverse angle of the moon shot. I’m looking from the other side.
Notice how the nest has it’s own ecosystem! A sure sign of a older nest!
I think he needs to cut the grass!

Frank and Frieda Chillin

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The ocean was down,so there were few big waves happening.
I saw the moon was out and I also saw that both Frank and Frieda were home! The tide was right and I was able to get over to the far side of Frank to try and shoot them both with the moon!
However it turned out that the sweet spot was inside the forest and I couldn’t do it! No matter how I tried,I couldn’t line them both up!
I decided to return to the spot where I was closest to them. Amazingly ,Frieda hung out!
They both did! She almost never does that.
Frank is on the left and he did try to chirp,but nothing came out. He, for whatever reason, cannot chirp!
He’s always speechless when I come around!


I originally thought this was both Frank and Frieda! But when I downloaded and zoomed in to have a better look,the eagle flying turned out to be a immature!
I wasn’t sure who was home either,but it may of been Frieda?
The immature just soared around the nest for awhile and then headed over to Lennard Island. I thought that was kind of strange! I’ve never seen Frank or Frieda do that before…………but than,like I said I didn’t know it wasn’t either of them.
Still the immature had to be one of theirs and why it went over to Lennard is another question as well?

Coming Home

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I saw Frank flying over from the main Island and was waiting for his arrival.
When one or the other lands ,they always welcome each other with loud chirps!
Frank last year did not have his voice! He lost it for some reason? He would try to chirp,but made no sounds what so ever! I found that strange but he did look funny!
I do not go over to the nest tree very often. It disturbs them too much. Frieda is down right scared of me! She will hide in the forest and wait for me to leave.
I think she’s shy and has a secret crush on me : )

Frank and Frieda

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I’m upset with these two! They wouldn’t even come over and say hi last night when I needed them!
I probably am to blame actually. They do not like anyone skulking around their territory,so they booked it while I was there. Plus the wind was ripping and that would of made it difficult for them to be on the nest!