I was visiting my friend Romeo! The sunset light was fantastic! He had just caught a fish and headed over to his favorite eating spot,a small rocky islet that’s protected by shallow waters. A few minutes after ,I see this other darker coloured eagle coming from the east,from their nest island,Beck.

I instantly realized It was his youngster coming over to get some of daddy’s catch! The eaglet came in like a hurricane! Poor Romeo,It was all he could do to get out of the way! Romeo promptly grabbed his dinner and came over to where I was watching,our meeting spot,his throne.

Remember that eagles carry food with their powerful talons. So when he perched onto his throne,he did so with just one foot! The other was holding the fish! I was very impressed!

I looked back at the eaglet and it looked dejected. This is the final stage of fledging. Up to this point the eaglet would of been fed by both adults,but to get it used to not always getting what it wants,they reject feeding it. It will become hungry enough and start searching for food on it’s own, while mum and dad watch at a distance.

So in celebration of this young eagles coming of age,I would like to put up another “name game”!

This is Romeo and Juliette’s offspring and I “think” it’s a male?

The person who chooses the best name, gets a picture of this beautiful eagle!


This juvenile is Ernie and Ethel’s. (Strawberry island) I do not know the sex yet? I’ve found they need to be about one year to be able to tell. This one is being called “Nutmeg”. Thanks to Babsje for coming up with the name.

I name them but to be honest they only hang around for a few months and then they are gone. They may come back in two years time but I’d never be able to tell who it is?


The full moon this month is on Thursday. It’s a Sturgeon moon. The name came from the Algonquin tribe. The sturgeon were more easily caught during August. We are closer than normal,so It will be a so called “Supermoon”.

I went out on Sunday hoping to be able to go out on either Monday,Tuesday or Wednesday as well, but the fog had other ideas! I got a few this month.