She has the territory to the east of Tsappee Narrows. I do not know her mate and have never seen her with another eagle perched.
The light is almost horizontal and just where I like it. When they come in like this and display their underside feathers,I can’t help but be fascinated by the structure of the feathers.
You can see the smaller feathers growing at the top underside which will replace the larger feathers below one day.


When a eagle is perched and decides to get out of Dodge.They lean forward and jump. They begin to drop and the air moves faster over the wing….giving them lift!
As a side note. I do not know why,but when they are about to jump, half the time they decide to take a crap! I have no idea why? However,when I see them doing that I hold my lens on them waiting for that moment they jump!

Atlin Post

The Atlin Post was coming up to Tofino at sunset and I waited for them to come in front of the Lighthouse.
This shot works because of two subjects and in golden light.
I shot this from Frank Island. I was about to leave and looked to the south and saw them heading north. I waited for them and took a series of shots.
In theory I would of liked them and me on the other side of the Lighthouse in golden light ,with me looking back (180 degrees)!

Atlin Post Heading North………..& another Forest from Clayoquot Heading South!

I saw these two guys out there and waited for them to cross.
The barge being towed in the background is loaded with First growth timber from Clayoquot.
Original growth is a non-renewable resource. I know that they call it “renewable”,but thats for second growth. Their is a huge difference between the two!
All logging of Original Growth has to stop,there isn’t much left and once it’s gone,it’s gone. The only way that these forests will ever be able to grow back ,is after we are gone.


Frank saw me and decided to come over to say hi!
Or at least I’d like to think that. It did look like he went out of his way to come over top of me.
The deep golden light on his feathers is perfect! I shot this on Chesterman’s beach near the Wick. They have a perch tree in behind the Wick and I’m sure thats were he was heading

Lone Cone and Atleo Air

Atleo Air was flying south & the top of Lone Cone was in behind. Atleo is Tofino’s best Air service!
I put this one up to show the top of Lone Cone. There is a path up to the top and it comes out at the top of that rock out crop behind the plane. It is without a doubt the best spot to view Tofino and the surrounding landscape.
I love to climb this mountain and have been up there 22 times. One time I climbed up on New Years Eve and let off fireworks at midnight! I camped overnight. It went down to -18c that night,but I had good gear. I always say that there is no such thing as bad weather……..only bad clothing.


This is the harbour at sunrise when the moon was setting. I like to get out(when there’s no clouds) when the moon is just right to shoot! The moon can only be shot at certain times. The exposure of the moon is in a constant state of change,until it hits the blackness of night and than reverses the cycle when it sets in the west.
That is what is happening here.
The white boat in the background is the “Vargas Island”.

Frieda and Frank on Frank Island

The golden light on this day just made this shot. I do not have alot of shots of these two together. Frieda doesn’t like me as much as Frank! No accounting for taste these days.
This is their nest tree. Frieda is on the left. Frank on the right has a strange habit of opening his mouth…………but not saying anything! It looks like he’s chirping,but nothing is coming out!