Blue Heron

I had to stand up in the boat to put his body up against the mountains in the back. The boat was drifting fast and I only got a few shots.
I don’t think it had rained in awhile by the looks of the rock colour!

Maggie Misses

I like the colour of the sun off of the glacier in Strathcona. It makes the shot,plus the fact that Maggie missed1
I swear they seem embarrassed sometime when this happens. They fly up to a perch tree and start to make loud chirps. Maybe alittle pissed off?
Don’t know.


She has the territory to the east of Tsappee Narrows. I do not know her mate and have never seen her with another eagle perched.
The light is almost horizontal and just where I like it. When they come in like this and display their underside feathers,I can’t help but be fascinated by the structure of the feathers.
You can see the smaller feathers growing at the top underside which will replace the larger feathers below one day.