Fly By

I went out to Chestermans tonight. I wanted to go out in the boat,but the sky had too many clouds to make it worth while! There was a thin clearing to the west and decided to hit the beach for sunset.
The Fall bird migration is on in full force. These Geese flew by and were heading south for the winter.
The ocean was up and so was the wind.


The storm season has started! Can’t wait for the first big one to hit. I love a big storm!! I mean the kind of storm that knocks out the power and throws everything into the mix!
The occasional lightening strike would be great as well !! However,the west coast does not get much of that,unfortunately!
As a photographer I lean towards dramatic subjects that have sweeping vista’s!

Sunset Kite Surfing

The excellent light filled the entire beach! It didn’t last long. The sun was just coming out for a short while. The clouds to the west blocked most of it’s descent to the horizon.
This kite surfer and others decided to take advantage of the wind and big waves!

Toquart Eagles

It was a piss poor day for light today and it was raining as well. Not exactly the best,but I went out anyways with a friend on the logging roads.
We went out to Salmon Beach .
We both haven’t been there in over 10 years. We were both amazed at how built up it was with small houses! It’s changed dramatically and the place didn’t seem to have people walking or a general community feeling! Just me.
Anyways,I saw these two up in a tree and took advantage of the opportunity.I’ve never seen these eagles before. I don’t get out to Toquart Bay very often.
I borrowed my friends 400mm lens and used his 2X teleconverter as well. That made the lens an effective focal length of 800 mm! I needed it because they were a long distance from me.
The female is on the right. Her beak is larger than the male and she’s further away. She’s just that much larger than the male!