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Fly By


Sunset Watching

Sunset Kite Surfing

NO Boots

Water Dipper

Toquart Eagles

Harbour Seal

Coming In

The Happy Couple

The Daredevil

Greater Scaup’s

Meares Island Eagle

Blue Heron on the Mudflats

Cormorants Taking Off

Landing and Takeoff

Take Off


Romeo and Juliette with the Moon at Sunset

Sunset Profile

Romeo at Sunset

Romeo Chowing Down with the Moon

Juliette and the Moon

Humpty Watching

Male Coho

Veronica with Dead Salmon

Stellers Jay

Chubby with Salmon

Chubby and Her Big Beautiful Brown Eyes!

Mini Grabs a Fresh One!

Mini Watching Lazyboy

Moving Away

Face Off

Humpty Drinking

Dumpty Taking a Drink

Veronica and Humpty

Humpty and Dumpty


Found One !

Veronica Grabs Salmon

Deer Bay Panoramic

Wider Panoramic of Deer Bay

2nd Bridge Panoramic

Deer Bay

Deer Bay Eagle

Deer Bay Eagle

Shake, Rattle and Roll

All Washed Up

Spin Cycle