I didn’t think I was going to be taking any shots today! It started out overcast,but I saw on the Satellite a narrow clearing coming our way!
I got a phone call from Rod Palm that a Brown Pelican was down in the harbour! He knows I’ve been trying to get shots of this Pelican for over a week!
I hurried down to the last reported location & found it on the end of the dock at the Kingfisher condo’s! I approached carefully,trying not to spook it.It was a adolescent,not sure of the sex?
I was able to get within 25 feet! I sat down on the dock finger next to it & waited for the light to come. Some low lying,fast moving clouds were going over top of us. The light came in short bursts,but I managed to get some good shots!
It’s my birthday today & this was a great birthday present!


This high pressure system is still holding,so I made the best of it & got out for another great photo shoot in the wilds of Tofino!
I heard that there was a Brown Pelican around the harbour,or was! I’ve been looking for it,but haven’t been able to find it? Wish I could of gotten a few shots of him/her! I also heard it was friendly too! It probably continued along on his migration?

I found this Heron down beside Weigh West on a piling.I always like to get my first shot of the days shoot under my belt as soon as possible.
I continued on down the Inlet to Cannery Bay for the Lions. I was surprised to find not a one on their normal rocky islet (Lion rock)! They all were on the rocky shore line near by. I say “they all”,but there just the Cali’s! All the Stellers were absent…………except one,Big Ed! He looked rather odd being around just Californian’s, but he’s big enough to do whatever he wants!
Stayed only half a hour or so & decided to go up into Gunner for bears. Gunner didn’t have anyone home,so I went around into Fortune Channel. I found “Li’l Jackie” in the same area I found her yesterday! She’s been busy since I last saw her a month ago or so! She’s gained weight! (I thought it best not to mention that to her). She was in semi good light too! Some Cirrus cloud had moved in & diffused the light considerably. I prefer bright light when shooting bears. They are already so dark that I need that extra light to show detail in their fur. I normally shoot them at ISO 400 but had to bump it up to 800 today & also lower my shutter speed down to 1/200th!
I wasn’t paying attention to the boat while I was taking shots of her,when I noticed she stopped searching for crabs & just stared at me! I put the camera down & realized the tide had drifted me right into the shores edge beside her! She wasn’t afraid but more curious as to what I was doing. I had my headphones on listening to some music & I bet she heard that & was curious as to what the heck that noise was!
I gentle took my paddle & pushed myself away from her. I didn’t want to disturb her. She just watched for a few seconds & than went on with her daily chore of finding food!
I left her & decided to search the rest of Fortunes shore line for more bears. Couldn’t find a one! I returned to Li’l Jackie after half a hour & took just a few more. Said goodnight to her & returned to town. I’ve missed 3 sunsets in a row & was determined not to miss this one!
Mother Nature however had other ideas! That Cirrus cloud had thickened & snuffed the light! I did notice a small break right at the ocean’s edge however! About the thickness of one sun!
I went to visit Romeo & Juliette & wait for it. Vargas island unfortunately blocked most of that great gold light!RATS!
Decided to see if I could head out to the Lighthouse to free my western view of both Vargas & Wickaninnish Islands. The ocean was calm enough,so I went for it! I noticed that my fuel tank by this time was getting low & the tide was going out! So If I ran out of fuel while being out there,the next stop was Japan!
I couldn’t line up the Lighthouse & sun because the sun was too far south! Also a bunch of trees on the Island obscured the Lighthouse on that angle. RATS again!
Took a few token shots while out there & headed back in before I ran out of fuel! I bet I had less than a liter by the time I beached the boat!
All in all,not a bad days shoot considering.


She is the only bear left wandering about! All the others have gone for their Winter nap!
Our bears do not technically hibernate btw. We get no (or very little permanent) snow! Bears & many other animals hibernate because the snow covers all of the food! As your already well aware of,it’s cold in the winter! Which means you burn up more calories keeping warm & thus need more food! If all the food is covered with 5 feet of snow,this presents a BIG problem! So Mother Nature has decided that for animals in these areas to survive this environmental conundrum,they had better go have a sleep & wait for the Spring.
Also,technically bears do not hibernate to begin with! We think they do,but they do not. They go into a deep sleep. I’ve asked those in the know the difference & the best they could explain it to me was that a state of hibernation is simply a deeper level of sleep.
So,because our coast line is almost snow free & their is plenty of food about,our bears do not even go into this long deep sleep! They nap for a few weeks or maybe a month. Get up,go get something to eat & than go back to their Den for another nap.
Repeat as necessary!