Surfers Sunset

I like the simplicity of this shot.
A picture should invite a person into it’s story. If it doesn’t,than it doesn’t work!
People like to enter the scene themselves. They are seeing through the photographers eyes for that moment!

Surfers Sunset

This is another example of that clearing along the west on a cloudy day. This strip of blue runs from the north to the south usually and produces fantastic sunsets.
Always keep your eye open for this meteorological phenomenon. On cloudy days , the Western horizon will show a well defined clearing and it’ll run from south to north. Hang around with your camera, the fireworks will be coming along soon. The sky is a screen basically!
I asked this guy to pose for me. I needed somebody in the foreground. The sky is great,but it’s only wallpaper. You have to have at least one subject in the foreground.

Wind/Kite Surfing at Sunset

I cane across these boys out at Chesterman’s Beach at sunset. As you can tell,the wind was up and everybody was taking advantage of it.
The wind comes from the sun,or because of it more accurately. The sun heats up the surface of the earth and the air becomes lighter and rises. Much the same way a Lava lamp works. We’ve all seen those hypnotic little throw backs from the 60’s!
Anyways,these air currents are happening everywhere and start to push the air around stronger and stronger,until they make become a measurable force. Lots of heat will produce lots of wind.

Wind/Kite Surfer

I saw these guys were going to cross and waited for them to meet. I only got two shots off before they were out of composition with each other.
The light was very different and I had swung, probably, only 90 degrees to the east from the shot above. I like to have the sun at my back at sunset . However,I couldn’t get around to that position because the tide was in and I like dry feet! I’ve always thought that my chest-waders would work well in this situation!

God Rays

These clouds are showing what I call God Rays. Beams basically!
I love this kind of light. However,when they happen you have to be at a spot that has something in the foreground! It’s fantastic for wallpaper,but on it’s own it’s mediocre at best!
I always joke with my friends when I see something like this ,that it would look much better with a nice nude out in front!
Something like that could elevate this shot into a much higher state of eye candy!