We’ve had many wind storms this winter so far! Hardly a sunny day to poke about. If your not into the rain,best to stay home with your book by the fire.

Tofino has become Canada’s hot spot for surfing! The best in the world flock to our small hamlet! One thing that’s very different here is the water temperature! To keep reasonably warm everybody wears a thick neoprene surf suit.

Only experienced surfers need apply during the winters storms!

Lennard Island Lighthouse

With regards to the actual light in the tower,I always count to myself to get a better idea when the light will shine. That way I know when it’s about to flash. You have to shoot a lighthouse ONLY when the light is shining at you ! Trying to get a wave to crash at the same time the light flashes,is a difficult matter and deals more with shear luck than anything else!
A clearing in the cloud structure behind the Lighthouse gave enough light to back light it nicely.
Cloud structure is critical to photography ! I’ve been reading up about clouds and they are a fascinating subject unto themselves !
He who knows clouds ,will be able to get better pictures !
I also use Satellite/Radar on my computer to show me whats going to be happening !
It’s a great aid.

Lennard Island Lighthouse

Another attempt at trying to get something out of nothing.The cloud structure was moving from left to right. South to North. I waited for this hole in the clouds behind the Lighthouse to drift to the north to highlight the structure.
It was tricky because I was down wind of the waves crashing and all the spray was trying to coat my lens. I always carry a clean cloth for this exact reason.

Lennard Island Lighthouse

For a few minutes the sun shone right through the wave explosions.
The light could of been better.More thin cloud to diffuse the light better. I would of avoided the blow out on my whites.
Your dealt the hand and how you play it,will determine the size of the reward!