The light was pretty good all day,but I was working and couldn’t go out when I wanted to.
I had to wait until 3 pm or so and by that time the sun had gone into a cloud bank! I got suckered and the photographic year went out with a whimper!
I missed the good light and the sun got snuffed. Not a good sign for next year!
I only took a few shots tonight and basically did what Frank and Frieda did……….chilled.
Good health to all of you !

Lighthouse Sunset

Well,I’m back in the saddle!
I just got back from my Christmas vacation and was greeted by a beautiful day/sunset at the beach!
I had a great time visiting my sister back in my home town! Another sister came down to visit acouple of times as well!
It’s always great to sleep in your own bed however.
Looks like we are in a small high pressure cell right now,so tomorrow should be just as good as today!
I want to get out in the boat to visit my friends!
Stay tuned folks