The light was pretty good all day,but I was working and couldn’t go out when I wanted to.
I had to wait until 3 pm or so and by that time the sun had gone into a cloud bank! I got suckered and the photographic year went out with a whimper!
I missed the good light and the sun got snuffed. Not a good sign for next year!
I only took a few shots tonight and basically did what Frank and Frieda did……….chilled.
Good health to all of you !

Lighthouse Sunset

Well,I’m back in the saddle!
I just got back from my Christmas vacation and was greeted by a beautiful day/sunset at the beach!
I had a great time visiting my sister back in my home town! Another sister came down to visit acouple of times as well!
It’s always great to sleep in your own bed however.
Looks like we are in a small high pressure cell right now,so tomorrow should be just as good as today!
I want to get out in the boat to visit my friends!
Stay tuned folks

Miscellaneous Beach Shots at Sunset

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UPDATE ( Dec 21)- I have gone on a Christmas Vacation until the end of the month,so I will not be uploading anything until than.
Have a great time with your loved ones and good health to you all for the coming year!

Ernie and Ethel

The female is the one on the right.
They were named by a local family. The Palms on Strawberry Island.
There is a perch tree on Strawberry that they always use. I know it very well. I’m not sure if it was the male or female,but one of them had been perched and a someone shot it. The poor thing fell to the ground and was found by one of the Palms at the base of the tree. They took it in to nurse it. They had to wrap it up with a blanket to restrict it’s movement. They cared for it as much as they could and went to bed for the night.
I’ll always remember Coral Palm telling me how she woke up early to go see how their new found guest was doing,only to find out that it was out of it’s straight jacket and had crapped everywhere!
I do not know if you ever have seen a eagle let loose but it could paint a small boat!
I guess the eagle had pulled a “Houdini” and gotten out of it’s prison and had to go. And when you gotta go……you gotta go!
I only got a few shots today. A small clearing opened up in the afternoon. I saw it coming. I went out to Chestermans for a walk with a friend.


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Frank was cruising above the beach trees. They catch the wind coming off of the ocean. The wind comes off the ocean horizontally and is forced verticaly when it hits the trees.
Eagles are lifted by this upward current,but can only soar along the beach/forest line. They have to keep doing small circles to travel down that line.

Light Flash- Wave Crash Game

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On poor light days like today,I sometimes go out to the beach and play a game with the Lighthouse and the waves.
I try to shoot the waves crashing at the same moment the light flashes. Sounds simple,but it’s not.
The light has a 10-11 second cycle. I count to myself and it gives me a rough idea when it’s going to flash next.
I than watch the waves while I’m counting to myself and try to guess if it’ll hit at just the right moment.
I’ve gotten much better at it over the years. The waves were not too big today,but big enough to play.

Sunset Panoramic

I like going out to the beach after a good rain.The land “bleeds” all that rain water out onto the beach and makes a really nice mirror !
If the sunset “goes”,the reflection can add a really nice dimension to the shot!
You can look down the beach and see where the rain water comes out and whats more,you can watch that line descend towards the ocean as the days go on and the land drains!

Chesterman’s Beach Rainbow Panoramic

I shot this from Frank Island .
The rainbow was only showing near the ground and did not complete the arch.
It goes from the Wick to Long Beach Lodge.
It’s probably about 160 degrees or so and is composed of 18 shots!

The Kristy & Amy

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This is a crabbing boat. I see it out all the time.
It was my first victim of the day. I got out in the boat today and went out earlier than what I normally do. Theres a Frontal system coming and today was the only good day for awhile! So I took advantage of it and went out earlier.
I went up Tofino Inlet to Almond Islet. It’s on the south side of Warne Island.
Theres always a eagle there. Today the Inlet had many Sea Lions basking in the sunshine. They’ve all moved back into the Inlet for the winters storms. I originally wanted to head down to Cannery Bay to get some shots of them on the rocks. They like it on the rocks just out in front of Cannery.
I had to stop at Almond Islet. There wasn’t enough time to go to Cannery Bay and go out to the Lighthouse for sunset. So ,I turned around after Almond Islet and went right through town to the Lighthouse area. There were no clouds on the horizon and I knew the colours would come out.

Sea Lion

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I came across a few of these guys up the Inlet. They seemed to be in their own little world. I have no idea what they were doing,but I have seen this behavior before! It almost seems as if they were enjoying something! What that something is………I don’t have a clue?
I can get close to them when their doing their thing because they are preoccupied and not paying close attention to whats going on around them!

Almond Islet Eagle and Crows

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The crows landed all around the eagle. They do that so as to bug the eagle! It’s a less strenuous method of getting a eagle to move! Crows are constantly harassing eagles! A crows strength can be found in their numbers. They are a member of the Corvid family as well and as a result, very intelligent!
I have never seen a eagle attacking a Crow or a Crows nest. I’ve have read that they do raid the nests for the eggs,which I’m sure is the root of the discord!

The Neighbours

I see these eagles occasionally. They are the neighbours to the Tsappee Narrows couple. I was just watching the Daredevil and he took off across the inlet in a hurry! He landed on a perch close to these guys. Eagles are in a constant state of fending off encroachment and or trespassing!
The Daredevil was just watching them. I could draw a line where their territory’s meet. I know the exact limits and so do the four of them!
Think of them like a small gang in LA! They know their turf and defend it!

Frank Island House

I know the owners of this house. They are both very nice people. I shot this one to thank them for allowing me to hike on their property. Frank Island is a private island,but they do allow people to access it in the middle of the island. People gravitate towards the middle of the island for sunsets.

Wickaninnish Inn at Sunset

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Whenever I go out by the Lighthouse,I always shoot the Wick.
A friend asked me why I shoot the Wick so much! I explained that the Wick is the only subject I can shoot in front of Strathcona. Strathcona faces south and so does the Wick.
I knew that the mountains of Strathcona would turn pink tonight. There were no clouds on the western horizon. Thats when the longest wavelengths can be seen………….the pinks!
Watch as how the light goes from gold to pink to a cooler tone in the transition .
This is the reason why I went out there tonight. Normally I do not go out there at this time of year! It’s just to rough for my little boat. It wasn’t too rough,but I still had to watch every wave that I was going to hit. I can get thrown out of the boat if I hit a wave on a angle! I always am very careful when I go out here and even more so when the waves are up a bit!

Take Off

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The Daredevil was perched and I just waited for him to jump. It took about 10 minutes or so of waiting. The blood in my arms drains after awhile and the camera become heavy. I cannot use a tripod in the boat. The boats moving, so the use of the tripod is useless. A tripod is generally only used on solid land.
However, I guess you could use one on a large boat,but you will have to use a faster than normal shutter speed. If you do use a tripod,there is going to be movement , so you have to use a very fast shutter speed to capture whatever it is your shooting. If the subject is moving it’s self……….. well,your really asking for trouble than!
Eagles move very very fast and when you have a lens that brings you close to them………………it’s even faster!
I could of used a tripod in this case however. I beached the boat and just waited and waited……

The Daredevil and Romeo

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I was able to get out in the boat today. The light was great up until the time I wanted to go out! Some Cirrus clouds moved in and diffused the light too much.It really choked off the light. The best thing I could do was to silhouette the eagles against the sky. Better contrast.
The sun did come out of that Cirrus cloud right near sunset. It was a great sunset. If you were out at the beach,it would of been one of those sunsets you’d always remember!.
Unfortunately ,Wickaninnish Island and Vargas Island block my view to the west. It was too rough to go out to the Lighthouse and I didn’t have time anyways. Thats where the money shots were tonight.
Photography is all about being at the right place,at the right time.
I missed it tonight,but I’m sure one is just around the corner.
Romeo is the one on the ground. The rest are the Daredevil.