Earth Mother Goes Over

Earth Mother was the largest tree in Clayoquot Sound,until a large wind storm from the north came in. The storm lasted all day.
I had gone up there to trim the trail with a machete. I came across Earth Mother and was very shocked to see her down !!
I was the first to find her down and felt like crying. These events however Have,ARE and Will continue to happen and are very natural. Still a shame to see something so beautiful fall.
Earth Mother was a western red Cedar and was over 10,000 cubic feet. To compare to the world’s largest tree,the General Sherman. Which is a Sequoia. The General is over 5 1/2 times bigger. It is more than 55,000 cubic feet.
These trees can continue to live for many years. Not all of it’s roots are torn out. About 1/4 of the root ball is still in the ground and still bringing life to it.