I’ve noticed this localized geographic phenomenon before. Notice the mist & where it lays.I’ve seen the same phenomenon occur in the same spot many times. The mist is over a very large area.

Warm air is coming off of the ocean full of moisture.This warm moist air meets the cold mountains,the air chills,dew point is reached & fog happens.The contour of the mountain must focus the air mass. I’d like to see some time lapse.I bet it would move like water.

btw…..thats Ethel singing a song.




20130728-TOFINO INLET PANO,JULY 28TH,2013When the fog begins to move into Tofino’s harbour,I know it’ll eventually cover everything! Except Fortune Channel & Tofino Inlet!
Except tonight, you can see the fog trying to push further down Tofino inlet!
Fortune was clear as always however. I find the mountains on Meares island acts as a fence or barrier for the fog. They seems to contain the fog & the best it can do is pour alittle over the mountains & send a few fog tongues wagging down to the waters edge!


20130701-20130701-Baxter Fish Farm Pano,July 1st,2013 We had fog in the morning,but sunshine in the afternoon. Just after I got out,the fog began to move into the harbour & that beautiful sunshine went south!
I headed further east to get away from that fog Vail.
I went up into Fortune Channel & sure enough…….the light was fantastic! I began to look for bears but after awhile realized there wasn’t a single one out & about! Also the tide was too high! Bears prefer the low tides,so they can overturn the rocks for those juicy crabs!.
I guess the bears were having a party in the forest somewhere because of it being “Canada Day”,cause there weren’t any of them out & about!
The fog,tide & the bears were all conspiring against me tonight! I basically came up “snake eyes” tonight folks!
I went up into Gunner Inlet as a last ditch effort for finding a bruin? Not a chance lance! Nobody home in Gunner either!
So I simply shut the motor off,pulled it out of the water(backrest) & sat listening to all the birds off in the forest! I always take a treat with me & this was a perfect moment to enjoy it! I just drifted softly & quietly. I love listening to the evening forest chatter of all the different birds!

You can see in this shot how the fog was spilling over into the inlet. Meares island holds the fog at bay & stops it from filling up Fortune Channel.
Sorry folks,but I didn’t bring home the bacon tonight. Maybe tomorrow night?


You can see how badly the light went south! Once that Fog moves in,the whole story changes!! It basically stops the evening shoot dead in it’s tracks right there!
It was sweet to see both Romeo & Juliette flying out to greet me! It brought a smile to my face,even if the light was to poor to take any shots!
I took a few of Romeo & that was it!