Boo-Boo Poses

I was out on the Estuary and this bear heard and saw a loud salmon flapping beside! The bear immediately charged straight at me,but I knew he was after the salmon and not me! Important info to know at moments like this!
I moved to the right as he pinned and grabbed the fish instantly. He walked right in front of me and posed for a full 5 minutes. He did not seem to fear anything and couldn’t of been too hungry.
They become almost drunk like with their full belly’s. They feel the way you do after a huge turkey dinner. They just move slowly and sleep alot. Sound familiar??


This is another rare moment. In order to shoot something like this,both the western and eastern horizons must be free of clouds. tricky when you only have one morning per month to get it.
I’m always mindful of the moon’s cycles. The best shots seem to be about two days before the full moon. So that the best light is happening.

Lighthouse -Moon #3

This is the first shot I took of the Lighthouse and shows how the moon’s contrast is poor as it rises. There is a window of about 10-15 minutes when the exposure for the moon is perfect. When it rises very faintly and progresses to become very bright in the black of night,in that time line there is only a 10-15 minute window when the moon is perfect.
I took my boat on the outside of the Lighthouse and waited. The swell was heaving me up and down . It was hard to hold the lense steady and compose the shot.
tricky shoot for sure and I don’t think I’d like to repeat it. Too dangerous

Moon Eagle

This is the Strawberry Island Eagle.
Rod Palm’s children(they live on this island) call them “Ernie & Ethel”.
One of Rod’s daughters told me about a experience she had with this guy many years ago.
Seems like someone shot Ernie and he fell to the ground. She picked him up with her dad and took him inside to take care of him. The first night they wrapped him in a big blanket (like a Straight Jacket) to stop it from flapping and hurting it’s self.
Well,they must of not wrapped it too tightly,because they found him in the morning flapping around and he had crapped all over EVERYTHING !!
At any rate,they nursed Ernie back to health and released him.
Who else would I of gotten to pose for this shot?

Large Sitka Spruce

In shots like these,I always like to have a person in the shot for perspective. I was by myself and with me being too shy in front of a camera,I decided to shoot it by it’s self.
This is the largest Sitka I have ever seen. Sitka like the front of a forests edge. They can tolerate high salt levels.
They are also used as the finest sound board for musical instruments.