As you remember,yesterday I found the carcass of a Sea Otter. I towed it to shore & tied it to a tree so it wouldn’t float away. I had decided to travel all the way down the inlet to grab my trail camera.I was going to set it up looking at the carcass in hopes of some wolves coming over for dinner?

Well……….they did, but they started without me! When I came into Tsapee Narrows I found both the Daredevil & Delilah on the carcass. I thought I’d go to shore & check it out? I found it had all been eaten!  I was very disappointed! A pack of wolves must of come through during the night. They ate the whole thing & even took the head! Must be those head hunting wolves.

So much for my plan!


20140527-IMG_4894This is a female Sea Otter. How do I know? It has a pink nose. How did it get a pink nose?
When the male mates with her,he grabs her nose with his teeth to force her to submit to him. Many times there is a struggle & her nose gets injured. When the nose heals,it has a pink spot to it.
See no pink…… must be a male,or a female that is too young.


20130524-IMG_3312A friend phoned me about this guy today! I couldn’t come & take any shots at that moment unfortunatly! It sounded like a Gull was trying to steal it’s catch!
By the time I came along,the light had gotten snuffed! So this isn’t a great shot but I hardly ever see these guys! Normally it’s the River Otters I see & yes I did see one of them today as well!
Because of the nose pattern,this may be one I called “Pinky”?

Sea Otter

20100707-20100707-IMG_7284There was no way that I was going to follow him over to this spot!
Because I’ve never been here before,I did not know where the shoals were. I also had to keep a eye out for the kelp beds! Tricky stuff to say the least.
If I were to camp on Tree island for a few days, I would get a better idea of the geography.
It’s funny,but the only trouble I had really had with kelp was right out in front of Deadman Island! I wasn’t watching while I slowly puttering around watching Romeo and Juliette and got snagged in a free floating patch of kelp. It stalled the motor when it wound around the prop and I had to kick the motor up and cut myself free! It was so heavy that it took several attempts at trying to lift the motor up!
If your not mindful ALL the time,something is going to trip you up sooner or later!