I was able to get out today but went much later than normal! It was sunny almost all day & just when I wanted to go out, a very large cloud moved in!
I saw my break coming & made a rush to get out! Once I got out, I noticed the sun was about to be swallowed by a second cloud!
I literally only had 5 minutes of great light before it was swallowed! I rushed to Deadman Island to visit with Romeo & Juliette!
Thats when & where I took this shot of Romeo.
I also was trying out a new toy! I bought a “Go Pro Hero 2” video camera! It seems to work pretty good! I’ll have some short video clips for you guys soon!

Once the light went bye bye,I just motored around the islands in waiting mode. I was hoping that the sun would come back out near the horizon? I could see a definite clearing near the horizon. Unfortunately the sun set just too far north into that cloud! Kind of snuffed the sunset!
Just several klicks south of Deadman Island the sun would of been completely exposed & thus, a great sunset I bet!
“Missed it by that much”!

On another note. We lost a local eagle today! It flew into some electric lines & was killed instantly!
I talked to a few people & I think i know what happened.
It happened in Ernie & Ethel’s Territory. They are trying hard right now to have eaglets!
Eagle’s are territorial most of the time but even more so in “nesting” season.
It sounds like a fully matured eagle, new to town had perched inside Ernie & Ethel’s territory! I’m not sure if it was Ernie or Ethel,but one of them flew straight at this other eagle & in it’s haste to avoid Ernie/Ethel’s talons,this eagle flew straight into the power lines!
The body fell unceremoniously onto the road.
A local Native came by & took the eagle away before I could get a shot to ID it.
I will be watchful to see if any of the eagles I know are missing?


The sunset was gorgeous but I couldn’t find anything for a subject in the foreground! I saw this Water taxi “Native Sunrise” moving through the harbour & rushed over to get a shot!
I think the sweet spot tonight would of been out at Lennard Lighthouse!
It’s all about being at the right place at the right time!