20140425-IMG_133420140425-IMG_1340The weather “finally” broke today & I was off like a shot! The tide was perfect for bears too! I went up into Gunner & found a young female right away. She seemed a bit shy,so I played it cool. She was munching away on barnacles. Unfortunately for me,there were some clouds about. A black bear in the shade is not exactly the best way to show them. I like bright warm light to show that fur halo around their head!
She was the only bear home in Gunner Inlet,so I said goodnight & went on over into Fortune Channel to look for more. I found three more but could only get two of them. I had to beach the boat & walk up on land to get closer. They are staying further back from the shore because the fresh Spring sweet grass only grows above the tide line.
This is the time of year I get reacquainted with old friends & meet new ones. I can’t say I remember any of these bears,but will keep a eye out for them?
The sun went in behind Meares Island & that’s always my cue to head back for the harbour sunset. I stopped off briefly to chat with the Daredevil at Tsapee Narrows. Delilah was around as well. The sun was getting low so I continued on into the harbour. I came across a heron silhouetted against the setting sun & couldn’t resist.
I than moved on over to visit with my pal Romeo & his partner Juliette. I took some great shots of them but it turns out you won’t be able to see them ever! I downloaded them & reformatted my camera as usual. Turns out 170 shots were downloaded instead of the 276 I shot! The entire sunset shoot wasn’t downloaded for whatever reason? That really pissed me off! I’ll have to check each time now that the entire shoot was downloaded before I reformat!
It still was a great shoot & even better to find some of my furry friends back out again!


20140425-IMG_136820140425-IMG_1363This young female bear was eating barnacles. Barnacles are always sloppy to eat. She had a drop on her chin when she looked at me. You can tell she was a bit apprehensive with her ears being pulled back. This is a normal response when they first meet me. After a few visits she’ll be right as rain with my presence.


20120304-20120301-IMG_9104-2This is one of three “boiler” tanks down in Cannery bay. There was a fish cannery located  in this spot.It’s located where Kennedy lake drains into the ocean. They are very large & heavy pieces of equipment! I can only assume the company wanted to save money?
This site canned fish & requiring large boilers. In a few hundred years these boilers will have been consumed & all the iron will have gone back into the surrounding soils.

Everything eventually breaks down.It’s a matter of time.


20140422-IMG_1332-2This is a male Anna’s Hummingbird. The vast majority of hummers coming my way are Rufous. There are several Anna’s male Hummingbirds & one female still hanging around. They have been with me since January. They will be leaving soon for the far north. The Anna’s are much larger than the Rufous! Their wings are very different as well.


20140422-IMG_1326-220140422-IMG_1320-220140422-IMG_1330-2My little friends have become familiar with me! They have accepted me into their flight zone! A great honour for me personally!
The hardest thing was holding my camera in my right hand (with flash attached) for so long! I soon realized if I adjusted my Mono Pod at just the right eighth for my elbow,that I could make it much easier on me!
They have such sharp little talons but they are very gentle souls! The air was cold & their wings created such a strong breeze! It made my finger very cold!
I so enjoy the time with my little friends & am very happy that they have trusted me so! They must realize that I not only do not mean them any harm but that they have accepted me into their flight zone!


20140421-IMG_106620140421-IMG_1039-4Sorry,but I guess I should explain? If you are a regular you will remember me saying before Christmas that I was going to try & decorate a tree out in the wilds of Tofino & make it into a Christmas card for everyone.
But alas,I couldn’t find an appropriate tree or setting? I did find this tree but it had a problem………there were shrubs in front of it!
I went out several weeks ago with a hand saw & cut down all those nasty shrubs. I knew I had to get the shot soon as the temperature is getting warmer & the snow will be going bye bye.
A friend calls something like this a “Art Bomb”. When next Christmas comes along,I’m going to do it again & leave it up! Maybe I can find some lights that will only go on at night?


20100314-20080715-20080715-20080715-IMG_6470-220100216-20080715-20080715-20080715-IMG_6517-2I’m watching “Pirates Of The Caribbean, At Worlds End” at the moment. The “Lady Washington” (top shot) was used in this movie! I thought it might be appropriate to put up couple shots of her,seeing as how I’m watching the movie!
The other ship is the “Hawaiian Chieftain”.(bottom shot)


20140413-IMG_074220140413-IMG_074820140413-IMG_076120140413-IMG_0769Every third outing in my boat,I have to take my gerry can for fuel. First thing I did once getting out was to head down to the marina. While fuelling up I heard a splash in the water near by & was surprised to see a Californian Sea Lion! He (it was a male) was under the marina eating. Lions have a unique way of eating a fish! They grab it & bring it up to the surface. They than whip it hard to one side! This usually tears off a piece & they promptly gulp it down! They than go back down to find the rest of the body (which is sinking),grab it & repeat the process.
That’s what he’s doing in these shots. What you don’t realize is that fisherman coming back in from a successful trip clean their fish down on the dock beside the marina! They usually throw the guts/cleaned body into the ocean. The Lions aren’t stupid either! Once they come across these feeding spots,they hang around waiting for a toss!
Someone caught a Halibut & tossed it. Must of been a big one too! Mr.Lion was busy tearing/gulping for half a hour!