20101007-_MG_7287-220110216-_MLR767020081111-Wayne photographer-1-120100311-IMG_3141cNormally I show shots of the wildlife or land/seascapes. But because today is my birthday,I thought I’d come out from behind the lens!
The photographic gods do not seem to be smiling upon me this year folks! Doesn’t look like I’ll be getting out today to play!
No light…………….no play!


20131127-S.CHESTERMAN'S SUNSET PANO,NEOVENBER 27TH,2013The weather in one word……….SUCKS!
Large Fall Frontal systems keep lining up to come down upon us! I don’t think I’ll see any sunshine till next week?
So I went out to the beach when I saw a slight break in the clouds near sunset! Nothing to write home about but better than nothing!


20100620-IMG_538020120822-20120822-IMG_105220100620-IMG_539620120822-20120822-IMG_105520100620-IMG_5393A friend of mine has a Jack Russel called “Meron”. She got the name from a Japanese comic book character.
We would all go for walks,bike rides & paddling.
Last Friday late afternoon we went to Grice Bay road for a bike ride. We normally let Meron run for awhile. My friend had a small doggy trailer she pulled behind her. Meron seemed to love it!
We finished our ride after sunset & put the bikes up on the bike rack & headed back. My friend dropped me off & went home. When she got there,she let Meron out & she promptly ran down their pathway to the shoreline barking. She would do this very often,no doubt to warn away any interlopers!
About a hour later my friend realized Meron hadn’t come back from her own little walk? She went down to the waters edge & called for Meron but got no response. My friend was worried so she phoned me & explained what had happened. I rode over with my own flashlight & searched along the shore line for her but couldn’t find her. (I might add that she was 14 years old & her hearing was going)
I told my friend she would most likely find her way home as she always had & went back home for the night.

The next morning someone found Meron dead on the local bicycle path! I suspected she was hit by a car but couldn’t find any signs of trauma?
It simply looked like she had died of natural causes?
I dug her a grave later that day & we said our last goodbyes.

Meron & I had a great relationship! Whenever I came over to visit my friend,she would hear me & get up from her bed (that she seemed to use a lot) & come out to greet me! I would get down on all fours & talk to her. I’d scratch her while she was doing her downward dog stretch! She always liked that & would give me a kiss.
I will miss her very much!
Our pet friends mean so very much to each of us,don’t they! I will try to remember all the adventures we had & cherish those moments!
Goodbye my friend….