I was told by a good friend that there was an injured Eagle up in Fortune Channel! So I gathered my gear, included capturing gear, and headed out.

Some tourists had reported an injured Eagle. Whenever tourists report anything I’m cautious. Most do not know what they are seeing?

It took me over a hour to get out there. So when I arrived at the spot where they had seen the eagle,there was no eagle? I expanded my search area to 3 miles and did 4 passes. Still nothing.

So here is what I think happened. An eagle had tried to get a fish but accidentally went into the water. It was close enough to shore,so it swam. They literally do a breaststroke. It made it to shore but was hypothermic and so couldn’t fly. They instinctively will climb as high as they can get (to protect themselves from ground predators) and wait to warm up. Once they feel warmer, they’ll shake to remove as much water as possible. Then once fully recovered, they’ll fly off.

The tourists had spotted not an injured eagle but a very cold eagle I bet. This is why I’m reluctant to act upon what I hear from tourists. But hey,……..I had to check to make sure one of my friends wasn’t injured.

In the process of searching I came across a bear. Looked like a 3 year old female. She was a real sweetheart! I enjoyed spending time with her.

I could see to the south the fog spilling over the ridge. That meant everything was socked in and the only pictures I would be getting would be up in Fortune. So I stayed with her for over an hour. She really loved the sea asparagus! I’ve seen them sell that stuff in the local supermarket.

When I left I bundled up as I knew the fog would be cold. Sure enough the fog was not only cold but it had sat down and I couldn’t see anything! I practice going from point to point as If I’m on a compass bearing all the time. I’m very mindful of this! So because I’m very familiar with points of land I was able to get back to town without a compass or GPS. I do have both but wanted to test my abilities…….and I passed!

I am glad there was no injured eagle and that I found such a beautiful bear!


    1. I was happy I didn’t find a injured eagle as well Robbie because If I had I would have to capture it and those talons can do damage very quickly!
      I loved finding this bear! She was a great study!

  1. That is so nice that you do this Wayne, just in case. I have seen videos of eagles doing that and I did not know why until now. Thank you for the information. :)

    1. I had one visit me a few days ago here at home! It came right up to my sliding door. I yelled at it loudly to scare it away! It had a yellow ear tag. If It hangs around It will be shot for sure.

    1. No, there isn’t a organization here to do something like this Andy. The fellow who told me about this eagle incident has captured several injured eagles himself. He didn’t have enough energy to come out with me, He’s 76.

  2. Fabulous shots, Wayne! Happy to hear it appeared all good for the “injured” eagle, and your new furry friend here is a looker! Had to encourage a medium sized bear out of our back yard last night – it was wandering past being a bear, not stopping, no food out from neighbours or anything and hightailed back into the bush when I yelled. Scout didn’t even wake up – some guard dog…

  3. It is nice to hear about wild animal’s favourite things, like sea asparagus in this case. Glad there was no injured eagle, and I enjoyed hearing you describe their behaviour, such as warming themselves and swimming. Good that you can get around in the fog. Great photos.

  4. I enjoyed reading this day’s events. You were diligent in looking and rewarded with a sweetheart bear. I guess a breaststroke is good for an eagle with it’s strength in its wings as long as it’s not too far, and you can’t expect a regal bird to do the butterfly.

  5. I am so glad your feathered misadventure turned out in two positive ways, Wayne! Such interesting facts about eagles swimming and their recovery! But your new pal the she-bear! “Sweetheart” is quite the stunner and you’e made a new friend. Thank goodness for tourists! LOL!

  6. Hi – I learned something new here today about eagles. Birds have special instincts to deal with things that slow them down. It reminded me of a bird that flew into our sliding glass door last week. It sat on the deck, stunned, for about 30 minutes. Then it flew away! I love the bear pictures – I’ve never seen one in-person.

    1. Birds…..and all animals I suspect?
      I sometimes wonder how many of those “bird strikes” actually survive? Just because it could fly off doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t die later.
      There is a whole different world going on out of sight.
      Glad you enjoyed the shots and hopefully you will gaze upon a bruin in the future.

  7. That’s a wonderful story Wayne. I am glad the eagle, whether it had been one of your special friends, or another eagle, had recovered from its water mishap and moved on without any issues. You were ready to assist in its rescue and that is admirable, so for your efforts you passed your navigational skills test with flying colors and were rewarded with a cooperative bear to take photos of. This bear certainly posed for you nicely, even if you interrupted its dinner. :)

  8. This was a win-win for you. There was no injured eagle and you saw a bear. Thank you for telling us what happens if an eagle gets wet and cold.

  9. You got some impressive eye contact from her Wayne. Looks like she heeded her mother’s instructions that eating greens help you grow strong and healthy. She’s is a real beauty.

    1. thank you Dawn. When a eagle gets really hungry they can sometimes bite of more than they can chew sort of speak and grab a fish way too large for them to lift into the air. They cannot retract their talons like a cat, so they are forced to swim to shore with it.

  10. Fantastic account of your life and devotion, Wayne–the so-called injured eagle, your devotion to taking care of your eagle friends, and your ability to navigate by landmarks alone. Your instincts and skills are impressive, my friend, and these bear photos are spectacular.

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